Our Tech Direct Partners

AGvisorPRO provides real-time remote connectivity between farmers and ag experts. Using the app, AGvisorPRO links farmers to a network of agronomists, industry experts, retailers, manufacturers, researchers, and government resources.

“It’s not as easy to get on farm right now. AGvisorPRO made sense before all of this, but it makes even more sense now. Farmers need answers when they need them.”

Carolin Chambers, ATP Nutrition

“I couldn’t have imagined a better outcome to be honest, from just a random connection. The customer really just came with a general ‘hey what do you do?’, and we really built a relationship, which is what everyone as a business is trying to do. But really being able to kind of filter through the noise, and get to ‘how can I help you and your business right now?'”

Leanne Smit, FenceFast

“It’s ability to be ‘on the farm without being on the farm’ and interacting via video calls seems like a true extension to our family of customers.”

Lloyd Streifel, Flaman Group of Companies


Assist With Financial goals through a 7-point diagnostic survey—the most thorough financial assessment in the industry

Aberhart Ag Solutions

Assist With Bio-Sul Premium Plus and ZM-Grow™, a premium zinc and manganese containing foliar fertilizer extracted from recycled metals


AgChieve is a full-service advisory firm providing independent marketing advice for your cereal grain, pulse, oilseed, and livestock operations.


Assist With Storage, Conditioning, Portable Handling, Structures, Processing, Technology


Assist With Leading Agronmists, Nutritionists, Biochemists and more who stand united in helping growers achieve their crop goals


Assist With SymTRX, an enhanced efficiency, bio-based fertilizer for agriculture. SymTRX’s unique technology allows farmers to increase crop yield, reduce nutrient loss and improve soil health while reducing agriculture’s environmental impact and preserving natural resources

ATP Nutrition

Assist With Seed Nutrition, Soil Micronutrient, Soil Macronutrient, Foliar Micronutrient, Foliar Macronutrient

AreaOne Farms

We build equity partnerships that enable farm operators to expand without the burden of fees, rent, or interest payments.

A & L

Assist With Comprehensive Analytical Services for Soil, Plant Tissue, Feed, Fertilizer, and Water, Production Recommendations, Remote Sensing, and Precision Agriculture Capabilities


Assist With Inputs targeting improved plant and soil health. Expertise in Fulvic Acids, Humic Acids and Biostimulants, and their impact on plant nutrition, plant health and physiological development of crops.


Assist With Fluid solutions to maximize plant potential and soil performance. Expertise in starter, sidedressing and foliar fertilizers, fulvic acids and soil microbiology.


Assist With A soil health and fertility assessment solution supporting agronomists with real-time infield data at a fraction of the cost of lab analyzes.

Exceed Grain Marketing

Assist With Market Consulting, Farm Business Analysis, Market Intelligence


Assist With Agriculture Machinery, Trailers, Grain Systems, Rentals

Global Ag Risk

Assist With Assist With a Private, Revenue-based, Risk Management Solution

Grain Bin Direct

Assist With Hopper Bins, Aeration Equipment, Westeel, Goebel, Grain Guard, OPI, Bin Sense

Hammond Realty

Assist With Realty, Specializing in Saskatchewan Farm and Ranch Real Estate


Assist With Real-time Irrigation Management, Soil Moisture Sensors, Weather Station, Frost Alarm, User-Friendly Mobile Platform


Assist With Farmer Trials, work directly in evaluating, improving, and adopting new technologies


Assist With CabView, Crop Monitor, Fleet Monitor, Data Analytics, Farm Data Management

Immigration Care

Immigration Care provides Canadian work permits, permanent and temporary Canadian residency visas. Immigration advisor and immigration specialist in Red Deer.

Keg River

Assist With Degradable Sulfur Fertilizers, NutraSul90, Supreme 85


Assist With Accounting, Tax and Business Consulting

New Era Ag Research

Assist With providing contract research services in the areas of product and variety evaluations: offered in large or small field scale plots based on individual protocols and customer needs.


Assist With designing, project management and parts in feed milling, grain handling, fertilizer facilities, poultry production, swine production and buildings

North Star Systems

Assist With Remote Monitoring, GPS Tracking, Dry Product Monitoring, IoT and M2M Technologies, Logistics


Assist With HOBO, HOBOnet, HOBOlink, HOBOwar, Data Logger and Monitoring Solutions used to Measure, Record, and Manage Data for Improving the Environment and Preserving the Quality of Temperature-Sensitive Products


Assist With designing index-based parametric crop insurance products, first-of-its-kind InsureTech company, powered by Global Ag Risk Solutions

Pattison Liquid Systems

Assist With Liquid Fertilizer Application Systems, Liquid Handling Product, Spray Management Systems

Point Forward Solutions

Assist With Agronomic Consulting, Precision Agriculture, EC Zone Mapping, Variable Rate Application, Satellite/UAV Imagery, Data Processing, Veris MSP Mapping, Custom Soil Sampling, Water Management


Wireless Tractor Control that installs in minutes. Transform your favorite auger tractor to be controlled by handheld remote, and operate it from the safety of the ground.

Saskatchewan Ag

Assist With services to Saskatchewan’s farmers, ranchers and Agribusiness


Assist With Certified Seed, Cereals, Oilseeds, Pulses, Special Crops, Grasses, and Legumes.


Assist With Seed Testing, Soil & Crop Tissue Analysis, Disease Identification, Forage Quality Testing, Feed Ingredient Analysis, Water Quality Measurements, Greenhouse Services


Assist With Wireless sensors that reports soil moisture, temperature, humidity, GPS location and crop damage, Automated GDD/GDU calculator

Sterling Capital Brokers

Assist With Group insurance for businesses in Nova Scotia, Ont., AB and BC., Group benefit plans comparable to large organizations.

Sure Growth Solutions Inc.

Assist With Crop Planning, Fertility Planning, Soil and Tissue Testing, Variable Rate and Precision Agriculture Programs, and In-Season Scouting Support.

Taurus Agricultural Marketing Inc.

Assist With Agronomy & Soil Health, Fertility, Plant Enhancement Technology, Biologicals

Top Krop

Assist With providing high quality foliar and liquid fertilizers and inoculants via a large dealer network. TopKrop fertilizer, Black Earth Humic, ELEVEN Superstart, Kugler

Ukko Agro

Assist With software predictive prescriptions to farmers on when and where to apply crop inputs (pesticides, nutrients, and water) in-season, and applied research and machine learning-based forecasting solutions analyze weather data, soil data, crop data, management practices, performed field actions, and ground truth

Verge Ag

Assist With Autonomous Farming Operations, Launch Pad, First Pass, Farm Technology, Fleet Management, Farm Logistics