Roddy McNinch

They say that knowledge is power. At Taurus, we take it one step further. We believe knowledge is profit.

As the VP of Sales & Marketing, Roddy works closely with the team to streamline our messaging and deliver quality agronomic solutions to growers. Roddy has seen the agriculture business from all angles. He grew up on a mixed grain operation in Mervin, Saskatchewan; worked in the research division of Bayer Crop Science (focusing on parental seed production); and spent several years advising growers as a sales representative and manager for multiple ag retailers.

As a member of the Taurus team, Roddy draws on his diverse experience when educating grower and retailers on agronomic strategies designed to take crops to the next level. Growers appreciate Roddy’s ability to explain complex subjects in a clear and concise way that is relevant to their farming operations.

How can Roddy provide agronomic answers to help you Advance Every Acre?

Fertility, Plant Health, Sustainability, Nutrient Use Efficiency, Agronomy,

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Taurus Team

Professional Designations

Agricultural Consultant/Advisor



Areas of Expertise

13 years in cereal, oilseed, and pulses
6 years in forage
8 years in equipment, software, corporate