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Today, farming is a business the demands increased attention to detail. The top, high performance growers are maximizing production and profitability by embracing the science-based advancements, innovations and best practices that are at the heart of modern agronomy.

Taurus has spent the past 16 years defining the Why’s behind the How’s when it comes to providing growers with the knowledge, the information and the insights you need to take your crops – and your business – to the next level.

We are excited to be using AGvisorPRO to connect with growers to maximize our remote capabilities while providing knowledge and expertise… for free!


Plant Enhancement Technology

Agronomy and Soil Health


There are two ways of initiating a session. By searching via the search bar and through the AGvisor list.

Through the Search Bar – A session can be initiated by typing category keywords into the search bar. Examples of keywords are: company name or product, agronomy, wheat, software, human resources etc. Once you find an AGvisor you would like to connect with, and click “Connect” to initiate the session.

Through the AGvisor list – Click “View all AGvisors”, choose the AGvisor you would like to connect with, and click “Connect” to initiate the session.

Yes all sessions are private and safe as we use industry standard end-to-end encryption. We archive your sessions for your future reference and so that you can share them with your farm team.

We need some time to process the video and audio before we can make it available to you. Come back in 15min and please check again.

If you’d like to schedule a session with an AGvisor for a later date, you can do so by selecting the AGvisor you would like to speak with, click on the green “Schedule” icon, and select the time and date you would like to schedule. Once your session has been accepted by the Agvisor, you will see the updated status of your “Scheduled Session” in the top left main menu.

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