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AGvisorPRO works with leading agriculture manufacturers, suppliers and retailers to provide free support for their products. Ditch the 1-800 number and access real-time customer support from anywhere. With video sessions and archiving, AGvisorPRO lets you keep a log of any support you receive so that you always have a record in your back pocket.

"Whether you use Derek Squair, or another person on the network, if you're making a decision on a $500,000 sale, and you just want to double check... Your gut's telling you to do it and everything seems to make sense, but to have that ability to talk to an expert in a short period of time like that. There's an exchange, it's beneficial both ways, they're going to see a fee from it and make money so they have an incentive to answer the phone and talk to you. It's the easy way to double check.

" I find with AGvisorPRO I can talk to who I want to, and get the information quicker, make my decision faster, and quite frankly in farming, time is everything."

Jeff Carlson, President, Carslon Farms, AB

Derek Tallon, Tallon Farms, SK