A Launch Pad to Success: A Verge Ag Tech Direct Guide

While a regular launch pad shoots rockets into orbit, Launch Pad by Verge Ag sends farmer profits in the same direction. Like the first moon landing, Launch Pad is breaking new ground as the world’s first interactive software tool to aid farmers in planning seeding, spraying and harvest. Unlike other technology solutions for agriculture, Launch Pad aids in the cohesive movement of equipment in the field.  Path to Success As some have learned the hard

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Finding the Potential in Each Plant: An ATP Nutrition Tech Direct Guide

From the outside looking in, farming may appear to be a simple proposition. However, if you look more closely, things start to get very complicated very quickly. When it comes to the macro/micronutrient environment of plants, farmers are leaving a lot on the table. Today, only 20% of Canadian acres are soil tested, usually only for macronutrient levels. Only 5% of Canadian acres are ever treated with micronutrients. From ATP Nutrition’s perspective, this means their

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Gold Star Results: A BioLiNE Tech Direct Guide

For farmers, a crop that fails to fully absorb nutrients is like a bright child who never cracks a textbook: Long on potential, short on results. Fortunately, when it comes to making the most of those nutrients, BioLiNE®, a leading formulator of plant and soil health products, gets a gold star. As a prime example, BioLiNE® GOLD contains fulvic acids, which is a biostimulant that helps improve assimilation of nutrients and active ingredients. In doing

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Intelligent Precision: An IntelliCulture Tech Direct Guide

An intelligent approach to precision agriculture These days, a farmer's data grows just about as quickly as their crops. Harnessing that data and using it to refine the farming process is what's given rise to precision agriculture. That said, the ag industry at large is still transitioning into this new era, and access to the technology required for precision farming still isn't available to every farmer, which is a problem worth solving. When a farmer

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  • Soil test plot for New Era Ag

Ground-Truthing Modern Ag: A New Era Tech Direct Guide

Where Matters More Than What Geography plays a critical role in agriculture. A farm’s location informs nearly every aspect of how it operates. Expertise and advice tempered with an understanding of local conditions is essential. That’s why an area’s local retailer tends to be a hub for the industry in that area. A trusted local source for the latest inputs and seed technology is beneficial.  But how does a farmer know what they’re putting in

Digging Deep for Real Time Answers: A Chrysalabs Tech Direct Guide

Many ag startups promise the world to eager farmers, but few deliver. That all changes once you get to know Montreal-based ChrysaLabs. The company is now in its fourth year of business and has made a major breakthrough that is sure to sweep the soil testing world by storm. As the company says: “We bring the lab to the field”. Old dog, new trick The world of soil testing is laborious and time consuming, but

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Press Release: AGvisorPRO Hits Major Milestone with Platform Partners

Innovative Connectivity Channel Finishes Fourth Quarter Strong Calgary, Alberta - May 27, 2021 - Just over a year since launching the Tech Direct Industry Partner Program, AGvisorPRO is pleased to announce even more additions to its global channel. AGvisorPRO solves the problem of distance, space, time and pandemic considerations with their free app that connects farmers to experts across the North American agricultural sector in real-time. The company has experienced significant growth over the

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Precision Irrigation = Precision Agriculture: A Hortau Tech Direct Guide

Irrigated farming is how many thousands of Canadian producers earn their living. It is a difficult method to achieve complete control since measuring water-use efficacy has been a challenge. For farmers, precision agriculture is a term being used more and more these days, however, it’s only recently that precision irrigation has become synonymous with the phrase. With Hortau, the Canadian-based company not only keeps farmers happy with greater return on investment through precision irrigation management,

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  • Plant21 Webinar - Weatherproofing Your Farm

Better Feed and Forage

In the latest edition of AGvisorPRO’s #Plant21 webinar series, we connect with livestock feed and forage experts to hear their tips and best practices. Hear from Leanne Smith, Victoria Nameth, Mira Van Burck, Linda Hunt to explore topics on: How moisture conditions influence pasture grazing, understanding rangeland health and how to adjust stocking rates for drier conditions to ensure resiliency for native grasses. Managing native rangeland and riparian areas to increase production, improving water quality,

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  • Red combine with father and two children in a field.

First-Rate Field Scale Trials: an IN10T Tech Direct Guide

 IN10T is Intent on Farmer Success Farmers are constantly trying to gain a competitive advantage when it comes to utilizing the latest products, but how can they know if they will be the right fit for their operation? This important question has a simple answer: field-scale trials. Luckily for Canadian farmers, IN10T does just that, and more. IN10T recognizes the importance of supporting farmers throughout the trial process and works hand in hand with Canadian

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  • North Star Systems tattle(r)

Make Monitoring Easy: A North Star Systems Tech Direct Guide

A Trusted Source for Tattle Systems Running a farming operation means keeping track of a lot of moving parts. The scale of modern farming is increasing, along with the sophistication and expense of equipment and technology. It’s no surprise that operators of modern farms eventually reach a ceiling of complexity, where it’s nearly impossible to keep track of everything that’s happening in a traditional way. We’re pleased to welcome North Star Systems to the AGvisorPRO

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  • Cell phone overlooking tomatoes in a greenhouse

Don’t Settle for Second-Best: An Onset Tech Direct Guide

For Sensor Success, Use Onset from the Outset In farming today, if you’re not on top of new technology, you may be going under. Sensors and data loggers are the latest tools for the modern farm, and Onset is a global leader in both. Onset’s cutting-edge HOBO monitoring solutions are simple to install, so you can easily measure, record, and manage the environmental data you need to optimize operations and maximize crop yield and quality.  

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  • Plant21 Webinar - Weatherproofing Your Farm

Webinar Series – Are you ready for the #Plant21 season?

Thank you to everyone that joined us on our March 16 webinar series for the 2021 growing season. AGvisorPRO is proud to share the latest edition of our ongoing webinars to improve your 2021 growing season. In this session, we spoke with ag experts on best practices to help you plan more strategically for this year and future years. Hear from some of our partners and ag consultants Dean Klippenstine, Derek Squair, and Travis Wiens

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  • Man in ball cap putting in a fencepost.

Fencing Done Right: A FenceFast Tech Direct Guide

FenceFast: Fantastic For Farmers One of the milestones often associated with working in agriculture is developing a close relationship with a “post-pounder”. There’s nothing quite like the experience of building and maintaining a good fence. It may not be the average person’s first thought when thinking about important tasks in agriculture, but fencing is a critical component of many farming operations. It can also be frustrating, back-breaking, tedious, time consuming, and most of all: expensive.

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  • Plant21 Webinar - Weatherproofing Your Farm

Webinar Series – Could your farm be more weatherproof?

Thank you to everyone that joined us in our latest webinar series!  AGvisorPRO is proud to share the latest edition of our ongoing webinars to improve your 2021 growing season. In this session, we heard from some of the ag industry’s experts in one of the most difficult challenges facing growers and what is considered to be the least predictable: weather conditions for farming. Hear from leading ag consultants Scott Kehler, Caroline Letendre, Brittany Evans,

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Think Different, Farm Better : A Timac AGRO Tech Direct Guide

Farmers work hard, so it only makes sense their plants should as well. Beyond your traditional N-P-K-S components, a growing number of Canadian farmers are eager to engage in the necessary conversation around the topics of soil health and nutrient use efficiency. For this reason, Timac AGRO Canada is focussed on helping farmers increase their productivity in pursuit of sustainable and more profitable agriculture.   Generations of success In operation since 1959, Timac is a

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  • SGS - Scientist taking wheat with pincette at lab for research food, close up

Connecting you with world-renowned resources: An SGS Crop Science Tech Direct Guide

SGS, a respected global leader with over a century in certification, inspection and testing is ticking all the boxes to bring innovation and information in crop sciences directly to you.  Operating throughout Canada, SGS has built a reputation in setting the standards for crop science and delivering accredited analysis from their centres of excellence located across eastern and western Canada.   Holly Gelech, who has a lifetime of experience in the seed industry, as well as

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Nutrient Management for a Proven ROI: An AgXplore Tech Direct Guide

Customized Fertility for Maximum Profits There’s no cookie-cutter approach to farming. What works on your farm may not work in another region or even on your neighbor’s farm. That applies to your fertility program, which is why we’re proud to have AgXplore as one of our AGvisorPRO Tech Direct Partners. Offering customized nutrient management plans and the products to make it happen, AgXplore can help your crops and fields get the exact nutrients they need

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Make the Most from Your Grain: An Exceed Grain Marketing Tech Guide

Tailored Marketing and Financial Advice When it is April and the skies are clear, the temperature is right, and it is time to get out in the field, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you should lock in a price because the grain markets are rallying. That is where Exceed Grain Marketing comes in. As one of our newest AGvisorPRO Tech Direct Partners, they stay on top of the markets so

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Press Release: Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture Extends Reach Through AGvisorPRO

Saskatchewan producers and agri-businesses will have another method to access direct support from Ministry of Agriculture experts starting this spring through the AGvisorPRO connectivity platform pilot project. The Ministry of Agriculture is continually looking at what tools it can use to provide unbiased, science-based agricultural information in ways that best serve the varied needs of producers. Producers and agri-businesses can download AGvisorPRO and will be able to connect to Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture specialists at

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Everybody Needs Inputs: A Keg River Tech Direct Guide

There is no way around it. Everybody needs inputs and everybody wants to hit the perfect intersection of quality and timeliness. Well, if you haven’t heard, elemental sulfur from the team at Keg River Premium Sulfur Fertilizers will give you just that. In business for more than 20 years, the Edmonton, Alberta company has a well-earned reputation of providing North American farmers with an unmatched product— degradable bentonite sulfur fertilizers. Whatever soil you may have,

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Getting the Upper Hand on Pricing: An FBN Tech Direct Guide

If there is one area farmers have always tried to get the upper hand on, it’s pricing. Whether crops, inputs or diesel, everything has a cost. But surely there is a better deal somewhere. The question is where? Farmers Business Network® (FBN®), literally shows you the map so you can focus on farming instead of spending the day guessing. This agtech startup has rocketed across both Canada and the U.S. thanks to its innovative and transparent

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Science-based solutions that work: A CanGrow TechDirect Guide

CanGrow is much more than a fluid fertilizer company. They have a long and successful history innovating, adapting and manufacturing fluid solutions to maximize plant potential and soil performance. And we are thrilled they are now part of the AGvisorPRO platform offering their expertise to farmers. Leader in technology and foliar combinations As a manufacturer with over 30 years of experience, they have the technology and knowledge to innovate and adapt proven fluid solutions to

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Know Your Soil’s True Health: An A&L Canada Laboratories Tech Direct Guide

For a farmer to know the true health of their soil, understanding its bioactivity and overall capacity to help a given crop succeed should be their top priority.  At A&L Canada Laboratories, a one-stop shop for all your agricultural analytical testing needs, understanding your results and turning numbers into actionable solutions to help improve your crop is our main objective. AGvisorPRO is excited to have them on board as one of our newest Tech Direct

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Press Release: AGvisorPRO Continues Impressive Growth Helping Farmers

First-of-its-Kind Channel Adds More Than 35 New Partners in First Ten Months Calgary, Alberta - March 5, 2021 - Less than a year after launching, AGvisorPRO is pleased to announce they have welcomed 37 agribusiness partners from across the globe offering their expertise to farmers through its connectivity platform. AGvisorPRO is a free app available on mobiles, tablets and desktop that connects farmers to agribusiness professionals across the agricultural sector at no cost.  “Our mission

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Press Release: Data-Driven Analytics Meet Remote Ag Expert Advice: ecoation and AGvisorPRO Announce Collaboration to Advance Indoor Agriculture

Ecoation Innovative Solutions Inc. (ecoation), a leading provider of data-driven grower assist technology, and AGvisorPRO Inc, an innovative platform that connects growers with experts remotely in real-time, have signed an agreement to collaborate through integration. Check out this video to see how this integration works in our applications. ecoation and AGvisorPRO aim to integrate their platforms to facilitate a stress-free transition from finding an issue in the greenhouse to seeking help through expert consultation. ecoation’s

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Press Release: BASF Digital Farming and AGvisorPRO connect to enhance agronomic decisions

xarvio SCOUTING users gain real-time access to AGvisorPRO’s advisor network, in addition to BASF customer support team Collaboration provides greater convenience to help farmers manage and mitigate in-field problems Ag in Motion (AIM) Ag Innovation Program award winners connect Calgary, Alberta, March 9, 2021 – BASF Digital Farming (BASF) has signed an agreement with AGvisorPRO to provide farmers, that have identified in-field problems using the xarvio™ SCOUTING application (app) on their smartphone, with expanded access

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Could Have “Bin” Alright: A Grain Bin Direct Tech Direct Guide

It’s All In The Name Ag companies can be a bit funny when it comes to naming themselves. There’s plenty of excellent companies out there offering farmers all kinds of high quality services and products, but it’s sometimes hard to figure out exactly what a company does based on their name. This is not the case with Grain Bin Direct. What’s in the name? Literally everything you need to know. Grain Bin Direct provides

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Genes That Fit: A SeCan Tech Direct Guide

Blue Jeans Mean Best Genes A local source of seed is not a given in modern agriculture. Is there a way to get farmers the genetics they need that has a more local focus? With SeCan, the answer is yes, and AGvisorPRO is excited to have them on board as one of our newest Tech Direct Partners. Sowing A New Approach SeCan was started in 1976 with the goal of distributing genetics equitably. Their model

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Press Release: AGvisorPRO to Integrate with NEVONEX

NEVONEX (powered by Bosch) and AGvisorPRO Inc have signed an agreement that will see the integration of the AGvisorPRO application inside the NEVONEX ecosystem. NEVONEX enables integration of digital services directly into field machines. This platform offers a robust, securely managed framework in an End-2-End infrastructure. "From the very beginning, we have designed NEVONEX as an open solution for all agricultural players. We work in the area of connecting data systems with equipment across a

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Press Release: AGvisorPRO wins at THRIVE Canada Challenge and Manitoba Ag Days!

Calgary, AB Jan 25th, 2021: For Immediate Release                      AGvisorPRO starts 2021 with a couple of big wins. SVG Ventures, one of the world’s most prolific agriculture investment firms, recently hosted the THRIVE Canada Challenge where over 90 Canadian startups entered to showcase their technologies.  Of the 90, AGvisorPRO was selected as one of the 9 finalists and won The 2021 THRIVE Canada People’s Choice award.

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So Much More Than Accounting: An MNP Tech Direct Guide

Growth Means Change If your farm business is growing (pun intended) then change is a part of your life.  How you adapt to the pressures inside and outside of your business will define your future success to a large degree.  Who do you align with?  Are the professionals that brought you here today good enough to take your business into tomorrow?  It’s important to keep this in mind, and to occasionally check-in on who is

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AGvisorPRO Closes Seed Round, Appoints Board and is THRIVE Canada Challenge Finalist

Calgary, AB Jan 5th, 2021: For Immediate Release AGvisorPRO Inc enters 2021 with a “triple-base-hit” announcement.  The company has closed its $1.5M seed round, has appointed directors to its Board and has been named as a finalist in the THRIVE Canada Challenge. Building on the Founder and Friends & Farmer rounds, the $1.5M seed funding was financed by 6 key Canadian and US agricultural business investors. Veteran agribusiness leader, Greg Andrukow and innovation professional, Mareese

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Press Release: MNP Professionals Now Available to Farmers on AGvisorPRO

Calgary, Alberta Dec 17, 2020: For immediate release We are excited to add the team of professionals from MNP to the growing list of agricultural experts now available for access on the AGvisorPRO connectivity channel. As a Tech Direct Partner, Farmers or Agri-Business can now connect to MNP advisors for free simply by using AGvisorPRO.  This opens up another channel of connection between the agriculture community and the experts inside MNP. “MNP is very excited

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Introducing our Expert of the Month, Matt Maess

Over the last few weeks, we asked our AGvisorPRO Experts to help us with some questions sent in by farmers. We threw two specific and challenging questions at these experts related to nutrient management, and Matt Maess had something to say about both.  “At the end of the day I see myself as a boots on the ground type of guy, I’ve got experience and I have learned from some really smart guys like Elston

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Fewer Problems, Moe Money: An Expert Guide to Marketing with Moe Agostino, HBA, CIM, FCSI

The Best Ag Network Gets Even Better Grow the crop. Sell the crop. Manage the money. For farmers this is the business cycle. A discerning eye might notice that only one out of three of those points actually involves growing things. A green thumb does not necessarily make a profitable farmer. And when it comes to selling the crop and managing the money, AGvisorPRO knows that farmers often need outside expertise to craft the most

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Your Most Valuable Input: A Tech Direct Guide from Sure Growth Solutions

Reducing Complexity in Farming Farming is a logistically complicated profession. There’s so much to consider. When things start moving quickly some of those considerations can accidentally fall by the wayside. When this happens, it’s not long before an operation’s profitability is affected. Ultimately, proper management is the most important input on any farm, and helping farmers manage the allocation of their time and resources to ensure their highest possible return is what Sure Growth Solutions

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The Value of a Decision

As farmers you make thousands of decisions every year! Now, not all of these decisions are business decisions. For example, deciding whether you should seed for another pass before eating lunch or not is still a decision. But there are many seemingly small decisions that compound over time.  Let’s take a look at a decision-making framework by world renowned author James Clear: This diagram clearly illustrates that continued good decisions, especially when you make them

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Pattison Liquid Systems Targets Sprayer Innovation: The Sniper

High-Clearance Sprayer not Hitting the Mark? We all know high-clearance sprayers are a crucial piece of equipment on a farm, but what happens when you’ve started to out-grow a single high-clearance sprayer?  You can find yourself in that pocket where you definitely need more sprayer capacity, but can’t justify the expense of another high-clearance sprayer. What you’re really looking for at this point is to have a sprayer-and-a-half on your operation. Pattison Liquid Systems has

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Sustainably Smart Inputs From Aberhart Ag Solutions: A Tech Direct Guide

Sustainability Done Smart Sustainability has really become a real buzz-word in agriculture. The fact is, consumers in domestic and global markets are increasingly demanding food grown with sustainability in mind. AGvisorPRO knows that sustainability isn’t a new idea for farmers. How can a 5th generation farm exist if the previous 4 generations weren’t considering the future? That said, farmers know that sustainability must be done smartly too. On that note, we are pleased to introduce

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Insurance That Works For You: A 33seven Tech Direct Guide

Life Insurance For Every Stage of Life Insurance. The topic that nobody ever likes talking about. Let’s be real for a second: Nobody likes contemplating their own mortality. Death is never an easy thing to think about, but it’s important to put enough thought into it to at least have a plan for the sake of your loved ones. That being said, what if your plan was able to benefit you right now as well?

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Insuring More Than Yield: A Tech Direct Guide by Global Ag Risk Solutions

A Different Kind of Insurance Provider Getting insurance is a great way to gain peace of mind. On that note, AGvisorPRO couldn’t feel better about bringing Global Ag Risk Solutions on board as one of our latest Tech Direct Partners.  Over the last 9 years, Global Ag Risk Solutions, (GARS), has made a name for itself by redefining what crop insurance should mean to a farmer. Government subsidized crop insurance is something that every farmer

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The A to Z of AGI

AGI covers your A to Z agriculture needs AGvisorPRO is happy to announce that AGI has officially come on board as a Tech Direct Partner.  AGI will be using AGvisorPRO’s platform to facilitate a better connection with their customer base. Most in agriculture will know of AGI, but what may come as a surprise to even the most knowledgeable folks in this sector is how vast AGI’s product offering is. The fact is that the

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Press Release: AGvisorPRO is thrilled to announce Brock Moir as Chief Innovation Officer

Calgary, Alberta October 15th: For Immediate release AGvisorPRO Gains More Machine Learning Expertise The AGvisorPRO team is thrilled to welcome Brock Moir to the position of Chief Innovation Officer. Coming from the Alberta Machinery Intelligence Institute (amii), Moir will work with the business and product development teams steering AGvisorPRO’s future technical development. Brock, who obtained his bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Alberta and his master’s degree from the University of Victoria in

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Tom Halpenny: A Grain Marketing Master

AGvisorPRO is pleased to introduce Tom Halpenny to our ever-growing network of independent Experts. Tom is a born & bred agriculturalist who has expertise in many facets of production with a particular focus and passion for grain marketing. Tom grew up farming and spent 15 years working with his family as a primary producer, learning the art of farm management at the ground level. He went on to graduate from the University of Saskatchewan with

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Press Release: Norm Janssen Joins AGvisorPRO as Business Development Officer

Calgary, Alberta October 2, 2020: For Immediate release AGvisorPRO is pleased to announce Norm Janssen will be joining their team as Business Development Officer. Norm will work with the AGvisorPRO leadership team to explore business opportunities both domestically and internationally.  For the last 17 years, Janssen has worked as the Investment Attraction Manager with Alberta Agriculture connecting investors with entrepreneurs bringing food and value-added businesses to the province from across Canada, the EU, and the

Who’s taking home the Grand Prize? Don’t miss the 2020 Canadian Export Challenge Grand Finale! 

On October 20th, our very own Patrick Walther, COO & Co-Founder, is competing with the whole region in the Grande Finale for  $5,000! If you recall, on September 15, 2020, AGvisorPRO was named the winner of the Prairies CXC Pitch Competition for the startup category, taking home $2,500. This was a thrill as we had just won the Ag In Motions Innovation of the Year Award this summer. “AGvisorPRO is building the global go-to platform

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Farm Credit Canada offers Advisory Services through AGvisorPRO

AGvisorPRO Press Release Calgary, Alberta September 14, 2020: For Immediate release FCC Advisory Services joins as an AGvisorPRO Tech Direct Solution partner on the connectivity platform. Farmers will now have access to Farm Credit Canada’s free farm transition service through AGvisorPRO. “There will be billions of dollars of farm assets transitioning between generations in the coming years as baby boomer farmers hand the reins to the next generation.” says Robert Saik, Founder and CEO of

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Bringing New Ideas to an Old Industry

Meet the Expert Alvin Ulrich Growing crops in Western Canada comes with it’s own set of unique challenges. The climate and geography means certain crops are favoured over others. Any farmer in Western Canada is very familiar with crops like wheat and barley and canola. After years and years of growing the same crop rotations, things can get a little tedious and repetitive. The volatility of the marketplace can also make growing a typical rotation

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Hammond Realty Becomes a Tech Direct Partner 

AGvisorPRO’s roster of Tech Direct partners is steadily growing, and with the addition of Hammond Realty, we know our platform is quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for all the advice a farmer needs. Modern farming is a complex endeavor, and good farmers know they can be even better with the right network of experts and companies backing them up. When a farmer in Saskatchewan is ready to buy or sell farmland, they know that Hammond Realty has their

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Questions about Grain Marketing? Lawrence Klusa has answers. 

It really can’t be said enough. Selling what you grow is just as important as growing it in the first place. A farmer could be the best possible steward of their land, but if their marketing strategy falls short, they are leaving money on the table. AGvisorPRO knows that the answers farmers need now go way beyond agronomy and equipment. We’re thrilled to offer farmers access to some of the leading experts in all facets

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AGvisorPRO Partners to Expand Virtual Connections for Agri-businesses and Farmers

AGvisorPRO Inc welcomes four new technology partners to the Tech Direct Solution™ platform. The partners – AGI, ATP Nutrition, Flaman Group and Hammond Realty – are innovative companies that recognize the evolving role technology and digital connections offer farmers as they conduct their everyday business. “Grower interest in the Tech Direct Solution service has been overwhelming at the recent Ag in Motion Discovery Plus virtual platform,” says Founder and CEO Robert Saik. “We’re continuing to

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AGvisorPRO Wins AIM Innovation Award

The new AGvisorPRO Tech Direct Solution platform was awarded the 2020 Ag in Motion (AIM) Innovations Program award for Agribusiness Services Tuesday, July 21 in a live virtual presentation. The new AGvisorPRO platform was launched at the virtual trade show this week as part of the AIM Innovation Showcase that highlights new or conceptual agricultural innovations. AGvisorPRO brings together new and familiar features from other disruptive technologies into one platform through the Tech Direct Solution.

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AGvisorPRO Expands Team to Drive Remote Ag Platform

AGvisorPRO Press Release Calgary, Alberta July 13th, 2020: For Immediate release Experienced agriculture talent joins AGvisorPRO to advance remote connectivity technology for farmers, ag experts, and agri-business companies. Kris Babbings, as the new Sales Team Leader will be responsible for advancing AGvisorPRO customer business; particularly working with Tech Direct Solution industry partners and building the sales team. Kris has significant industry experience most recently as Canadian Sales Manager with Farmers Edge as well as past

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Pattison Liquid Systems Becomes a Tech Direct Partner

AGvisorPRO is happy to announce its affiliation with Pattison Liquid Systems through the Tech Direct Program. Tech Direct offers agricultural companies a solution to improve their customer service experience. Pattison Liquid Systems is excited to see how Tech Direct can integrate into their business and help leverage their team of experts to give growers the answers they need, now.  The big name in liquid fertilizer systems is Pattison Pattison Liquid Systems is aiming to be

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Elaine Froese’s Expert Guide to Conflict Resolution

Working With Family Can Be A Challenge Agriculture is largely a family business. Farming operations are often passed down from one generation to the next, and while this can be an extremely rewarding proposition, it also comes with a whole host of potential pitfalls that are best avoided. AGvisorPRO is working hard to bring growers answers now, and we know not every issue on the farm is technical or agronomic in nature. Often, the biggest

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AGvisorPRO is Proud to Partner with Point Forward Solutions!

Point Forward Solutions is a Tech Direct Partner AGvisorPRO is happy to announce its Tech Direct Partnership with Point Forward Solutions. Tech Direct is designed to help folks in agriculture better connect with the expertise they rely on. 1-800 numbers are outdated, and limit the value of any interaction. Tech Direct is a better way to service agriculture’s needs. When it comes to topics like soil-data layers, or variable rate fertility, or the hard-ware and

AGvisorPRO welcomes Taurus Agriculture Marketing Inc. as a Tech Direct Partner!

Taurus Becomes a Tech Direct Partner AGvisorPRO is pleased to feature Taurus Agriculture Marketing Inc. as one of our premiere Tech Direct partners. AGvisorPRO’s Tech Direct program is improving the way that agriculture companies connect with their customers. 1-800 numbers are old news. Tech Direct is the new way forward for companies that want to give their customers the best service experience possible. AGvisorPRO features a premium connection involving voice, face to face, and instant

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Ray Dowbenko’s Expert Guide to Crop Rotation Early Phosphate Application

Farming can be a hurry-up-and-wait profession sometimes, but when the snow melts and the sun comes out, things start moving quickly. Helping farmers get their spring soil fertility and crop nutrition nailed down is Ray Dowbenko’s specialty as an ag expert on AGvisorPRO. Background in fertility and nutrition Ray is an accomplished Senior Agronomist with soil and crop fertility expertise, and broad domestic, national and international experience. He is able to leverage his field expertise,

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Tom Wolf’s Expert Guide to Agricultural Sprayers

AGvisorPRO connects farmers who need advice with the experts who have it.  When it comes to advice about anything related to spraying or sprayers, one of the best experts to seek advice from is Tom Wolf. In this week’s AGvisorPRO Expert Guide, we speak to Tom about what a farmer needs to have a successful experience spraying. Background in sprayer technology Tom’s expertise with sprayers is built on a foundation of agronomy. With a

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New Tool Provides Connectivity between Agribusiness and Farmers

AGvisorPRO Press Release Calgary, Alberta May 13th, 2020: For Immediate release New Tool provides connectivity between Agribusiness and Farmers AGvisorPRO Inc has launched a new service designed to provide instantaneous connectivity between farmers and company technical representatives to enhance customer service. “The AGvisorPRO Tech Direct Solution™ built on the AGvisorPRO platform creates a connection between those seeking advice about a company’s product, service or technology and that company’s technical reps.” explains CEO, Robert Saik. “Instead

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Farmers obtain info remotely

A new internet tool brings together agricultural experts and farmers as they learn to live in the new COVID-19 reality. Rob Saik had some ideas about agronomy and husbandry delivery, coming out of the sale of his Agritrend company to technology giant Trimble. “I had learned a lot over the years about what we could do to deliver information to farmers. And what farmers are willing to pay for and when,” he said in a

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AGvisorPro connects producers to virtual consultants

Technology has increased relevance during pandemic. No one plans or welcomes a pandemic, but Rob Saik says in this unexpected time of isolation and social distancing, a new service he launched in 2019 can help farmers connect with a diverse network of agricultural expertise either online or by phone, at a time when face-to-face personal contact is being discouraged. Saik, well known in the agriculture industry as founder of the long-operating Agri-Trend crop consulting service,

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Agriculture Experts in the Digital Age

Our brains start from scratch when we are born. While our parents' generation had the opportunity to be generalists, our generation must be more specialized within our knowledge as the information in each domain is growing exponentially. However, modern farming operations touch so many different areas. Even if they decide to focus on one area such as growing canola, they still require the expertise from an agronomist, a business manager, a market specialist, an

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The competitive advantage of an extended knowledge pool

Human knowledge doubles every 13 months. However, a farmer only has an average of 35 springs, summers, falls and winters in their entire career. Every single decision is therefore of great importance, as it can heavily impact overall profitability.  Meanwhile, there is an abundance of new information that farmers need to keep up with e.g. biologicals, UC nozzles, outcome based pricing, drones, new varieties, political movements, good stewardship, future prices, active vision, autoflow, conferences, magazines,

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AGvisorPR launches as the ‘uberzation’ of knowledge and wisdom

AGvisorPRO, a global platform that connects farmers to experienced ag experts, launched this week in Ag in Motion. Currently offering access to roughly 50 advisors, the platform enables users to connect via audio, video, or text, with photo-sharing capabilities. It also saves the connection for future reference. “AGvisorPRO is basically the ‘Uberization’ of knowledge and wisdom,” says Patrick Walther, chief operations officer with the company. And like Uber, users and advisors become part

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