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As a certified expert on AGvisorPRO, you will have the opportunity to “uberize” your knowledge and wisdom – extending your service and influence i.e. stretch your brain without stretching your body.

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The AGvisorPRO platform instantly connects growers around the world to create an integrated network of experts and knowledge for every agricultural topic: crops, livestock, health and wellness, machinary, marketing, management, and more. Simply put, AGvisorPRO is designed to deliver immediate answers anywhere farmers grow.

AGvisorPRO I ANSWERS NOW is an app-based platform that connects you instantly to anyone who could use your hard-earned agricultural experience.

I’d like to invite you to join our community – either to find answers for your own questions, or as an advisor who can help other growers. We’re always looking to increase our specialized talent and we would really like to add your insight and advice to our roster of experts.

COO and co-Founder AGvisorPRO

Patrick Walther


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Shane Thomas

AgRetail | AgBusiness | Blogger

Tom Wolf

Sprayer 101 | Nozzle Guy

Elaine Froese

Keynote Speaker | Farm Transition

Terry Aberhart

Farmer | Precision Ag

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