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How many times have you travelled to your customers’ field to solve a simple problem that could’ve been handled over a short phone call? Maybe you are wondering how you can be on 10 farms, in 10 different regions, in one day? 

Connect to your customers or potential customers for FREE to provide ANSWERS NOW.

Help customers remotely via audio, video, chat, and photo sharing. All sessions are saved in your archives.

Be at the forefront of new technology where we can connect cross platforms
(ios, android, etc)

AGvisorPRO gives you another touch-point with your customers. Be part of an integrated network of experts and knowledge for every agricultural topic: crops, livestock, health and wellness, machinery, marketing, management, and more. A huge advantage is a face-to-face connection with customers, regardless of their use of Apple or Android devices. In a world that has just recently moved to remote working, there’s an abundance of applications facilitating connections, and this can be a major headache for anyone in customer service. 1-800 numbers are outdated and between Zoom, What’sApp, Google Meeting, Microsoft Teams, there’s too many apps to manage, and too many points of failure and frustration. This can lead to a less than optimal customer experience.

AGvisorPRO solves these issues by centralizing the support portal. You can now instantly connect while a customer is in the field, as soon as they have a question, and make your recommendation via audio, video, live chat, and photo sharing. AGvisorPRO is designed to help folks in agriculture better connect with the expertise they rely on. Want to know the best part? All your sessions are saved so you can go back at any time to your archive to review the whole conversation and keep track of data and information. .

I’d like to invite you to join as a Tech Direct partner for a free 2 month trial, which includes:
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• Unlimited sessions for FREE with your customers
• Archived sessions: audio, video, chat, and photo sharing for you and your customers

COO and co-Founder AGvisorPRO

Patrick Walther

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