Chad Andrukow


Managed/worked Ag retail for 10 years. Extensive background in agronomy, scouting, fertilizer applications and precision agriculture. Now specialize in land mapping technologies to increase grower ROI through variable rate fertility, seeding, fungicides.

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Point Forward Solutions

Point Forward Solutions has emerged as one of Alberta’s leading independent providers of precision agriculture services – specializing in Variable Rate (VR) application. We offer our services through a network of knowledgeable retail partners who are committed to results-focused management practices. In areas that are not serviced by one of our retail partners, we work directly with growers.
The better you know your land, the better equipped you are to make agronomic decisions that benefit your crop and your bottom line. Allowing you to farm more efficiently. More economically. And more sustainably.

Our results aren’t simply measured in dollars saved and yield percentages earned. Equally important, customers appreciate the attention, practical advice and friendly, dependable service they get from Point Forward Solutions.
Early on, we saw the potential of VR technology to make informed input decisions. We invested in the equipment. We developed the expertise and understanding to use it to its full potential. We applied it on our own farms. And we quickly saw the results. Ever since, we’ve made it our mission to help others take advantage of this new technology – while removing the intimidation.
Over the years, by comparing against check strips, we calculate that our fertility program provides an impressive 3.7:1 return on investment. Today, our services continue to expand into new areas of precision agriculture – including water management and major soil amendments. We are also exploring opportunities to expand our retail network across western Canada.
We are extremely proud to say that we have a 90% customer retention rate! Once they see the results, the overwhelming majority commit to continuing the following year. Customers typically start out doing 10-20% of their acres. Within three to four years, they’re doing 80-100%.
Why? Because it works.
We are excited to be using AGvisorPRO to connect with growers to maximize our remote capabilities while providing knowledge and expertise… for free!