AGvisorPRO connects farmers who need advice with the experts who have it.  When it comes to advice about anything related to spraying or sprayers, one of the best experts to seek advice from is Tom Wolf. In this week’s AGvisorPRO Expert Guide, we speak to Tom about what a farmer needs to have a successful experience spraying.

Background in sprayer technology

Tom’s expertise with sprayers is built on a foundation of agronomy. With a masters degree in agronomy, Tom is well versed in intensive cereal management, including factors like background fertilizer, seeding rates, growth regulators, and more. A research program early in his career led him into the niche of spray management, which was fascinating to Tom. Some additional education led Tom to specialize in this area, and since 1989 he’s been backing farmers up when the snow melts, and the sprayer comes out of the shed.

“I went there and got the job and I started working with sprays it was really super interesting for me”

The complexities of sprayer setup

Tom enjoys the fact that sprayer setup and use involves a wide array of disciplines. A working knowledge of chemistry is not the only requirement. Sprayer experts must have a nuanced understanding of equipment engineering and farm “iron”. A sprayer functions as a complex hydraulic system, so knowledge in that area is also essential. While all of these factors combine to form the art and discipline of spraying, Tom has noticed that a typical bottle-neck for problems is choosing the right nozzle for any given application.

“Pulse width modulation is now becoming more common. Different brands have different nozzle needs, and of course you always have to kind of understand what the priorities of the farmer”

Keeping up with new sprayer technologies

It’s common for a farmer to come to Tom for assurance. Confirmation that the right product has been chosen and that it won’t drift, for example. The speed of innovation in sprayer technology also means that farmers need to know about any leading-edge technology that may be applicable. Lately, a variety of manufacturers have been offering new and advanced pulse-width management systems, and the total effect of all of these considerations can be overwhelming for a farmer, who has many things to think about besides the sprayer.
The art of spraying is ever-evolving, and having access to an expert who can walk you through that constant change is a huge help.

AGvisorPRO is thrilled to have Tom on board as an Expert, and the feeling is mutual. From Tom’s perspective, AGvisorPRO is a premium connection, and that means his time and the time of growers seeking advice is well respected and wisely used.

“It’s kind of a premium connection, you know. Basically both clients on both ends of AGvisorPRO respect each other’s time and because it’s a paid interface, you’re basically saying ‘look I’m gonna give you the best value that I can’”

Free advice can cost you

The internet is full of free advice, but that rarely comes with an expert guarantee. Through AGvisorPRO, Tom is able to give farmers the premium advice they need, right when they need it.

For additional information, or to connect with Tom Wolf, download the AGvisorPRO app, and start getting answers now.