As farmers you make thousands of decisions every year! Now, not all of these decisions are business decisions. For example, deciding whether you should seed for another pass before eating lunch or not is still a decision. But there are many seemingly small decisions that compound over time. 

Let’s take a look at a decision-making framework by world renowned author James Clear:

Image of a decision diagram

This diagram clearly illustrates that continued good decisions, especially when you make them early on (think about this from a crop planning perspective!) can set you up for exponential success. 

Now when it comes to significant profit- and loss-making decisions, you are also making hundreds of these a year AND they still compound. These are the decisions like “what herbicide should I spray?” or “should I be spraying for disease based on the current decisions?”. These decisions can be worth hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars all at once! Obviously, these are important. So how does you optimize your decision making? 

The core of making a decision is understanding a situation plus being informed. As farmers you are experts at being informed and understanding the current situation as it pertains to your farm and your business. 

But is there an opportunity to enhance this even further, in real time? 

The complexity of farming is ever growing. This is especially true when it comes to agronomy. Whether it’s product MRLs, staging directions, programming, or new variety considerations there is always more to consider when trying to optimize decisions to maximize profit on your farm. 

Because of this growing complexity we have seen a need for more answers now. 

So what is the value of a decision? This can be hard to quantify, but it’s worth considering.

Continuum of Low Impact to High Impact Decisions


Low                                                                                                            High

Low impact decisions do not necessarily need to have significant thought or outside expertise added into them, but as talked about earlier, they can compound. 

Once you pass through the middle section of the continuum, more significant thought is needed. The closer you get to the right, the more outside expertise may be necessary to maximize the outcome of the decision. This is where expertise comes in. 

Some of the examples of a high impact decision when it comes to agronomy might be: asking what rate to seed your wheat at. Or identifying an insect that is showing up significantly in one of your fields. Is it a beneficial insect or a pest? Do you take further action?

So, let’s go back to that first question:

What might the value be of a seeding rate decision?

For wheat there are a number of impacts that can be concerning and cause a reduction in profit: 

  1. Increased cost from over seeding 
  2. Increased disease (Fusarium Head Blight) due to under seeding
  3. Missed yield targets
  4. Uncompetitive against weeds
  5. Too many tillers hindering maturity

There can also be a combination of these, which increases the lost profitability. When it comes to seeding wheat, or any crop, everything starts with ensuring the maximum amount of potential. In order to optimize that decision, it takes a nuanced discussion with an expert that knows how to consider all of those in the context of your specific farm.

Assessing this specifically can not only save money, to the tune of $5-$12/ac, BUT in terms of what optimization of a plant stand can deliver is 5-10 bu/ac, or $30+/ac. This creates massive value for you, as a farmer, and enhances your bottom line.  

The challenge is being able to access experts in these areas when you need them and at your convenience. AGvisorPRO is your go-to connection to experts in real time, working to inform and optimize your decision. One of the most expensive decisions on the farm is the cost of doing nothing, or doing what’s always been done.

With the growing complexity and tighter margins in farming, it pays to identify the right actions on all decisions as they get more influential to your business. 

Download the AGvisorPRO app today on Apple or Android. You’ll have expertise at your fingertips!