Human knowledge doubles every 13 months. However, a farmer only has an average of 35 springs, summers, falls and winters in their entire career. Every single decision is therefore of great importance, as it can heavily impact overall profitability. 

Meanwhile, there is an abundance of new information that farmers need to keep up with e.g. biologicals, UC nozzles, outcome based pricing, drones, new varieties, political movements, good stewardship, future prices, active vision, autoflow, conferences, magazines, social media — the list goes on and on. 


Farmers almost have to be superhuman to keep up with all the new trends. Now trends don’t necessarily equate to value although there are benefits to proactively adopting practices that are suited for the farm, area or business setup.

So how does a farmer handle it? They pick one or two areas of expertise and stay up to date with that. But what if they could gain that competitive advantage in all other parts of the sector as well? 


Imagine if a farmer could broaden their knowledge pool by adding more specialists to their toolbox. It is possible that their local list of contacts would be able to solve most of the day to day problems, but have you ever considered that there might be an expert that solely focuses on a narrow subject area that can give you the most up-to-date independent information immediately? Now that is competitive advantage!


That is why you should join as a farmer, rancher, producer, agronomist, sales person or R&D the AGvisorPRO network. AGvisorPRO provides instantaneous connectivity between farmers and agricultural experts (which we call Experts) to immediately solve their problems by offering expert advice relating to crops, livestock, machinery, technology, marketing, management, or health and wellness. It ultimately expands the knowledge pools for rural communities built on a proprietary matching algorithm with ratings and reviews. This platform is available on iOS, Android and Desktop.


Now your next question is going to be, is it free? It is absolutely free to download and sign up for the app! Once you start connecting with specialists, we would like to offer your first 10 sessions free. We want you to get used to the new concept and try it out. Once you have seen the value you will pay for every subsequent session. The session rate is somewhere between US$30-60 per 10min session increments to talk to an independent expert. But remember, you only access what you need and want. 

We also have industry representatives on our platform. These sessions will always be free to you. We think that 1-800 lines are slightly outdated. Calling into a blackbox, not reaching the right individual and then waiting for a call back is not suited for today’s fast moving world. AGvisorPRO completely eliminates the need for 1-800 lines. You get matched to individuals that can actually help you with your problem prior to your call.


So how does the matching work? Well, we built a platform that uses a proprietary matching algorithm that matches your keywords from your question to Experts that can help you with your problem. You can then review their ratings and reviews, education and professional designation as well as their areas of expertise. You choose which Expert is best suited for your problem and you send them a connection request for immediate help or you schedule a session for less urgent matters. Once you`ve established the connection you can talk via chat, audio or video face-to-face with the Expert in the middle of the field or under the hood of your tractor. 


Imagine you just had a breakdown and you know the rain is coming. Chances are high that your local dealer is busy servicing your neighbours that are going through something similar. With AGvisorPRO you can talk to an expert from any region, giving you a headstart identifying the problem so that if the local service expert is then required to come, he shows up prepared with the proper parts.


The question remains, why not crowdsource your problem? If you have ever Googled a problem specific to agriculture, you know how frustrating it can be. Similarly YouTube can be very helpful but often it is missing that one specific detail that you were looking for. Then there is Twitter, but let’s be honest the conversations are quite shallow and it is easy to get side tracked with irrelevant information. These social media platforms are also extremely public – would you share how much you paid to acquire that last ¼ section? Or does #sellyourswather really apply to your microclima, business setup or debt level? We know there are many sources to obtain knowledge, but we believe that by asking your specific question to a specialist via AGvisorPRO, you will obtain the most accurate and specific answer possible. But don’t worry we have you covered as well with a forum where you can exchange information for free. 


Last but not least, we know a lot of farmers are specialists as well. If you think this applies to you we invite you to become an Expert as well.