Taurus Becomes a Tech Direct Partner

AGvisorPRO is pleased to feature Taurus Agriculture Marketing Inc. as one of our premiere Tech Direct partners. AGvisorPRO’s Tech Direct program is improving the way that agriculture companies connect with their customers. 1-800 numbers are old news. Tech Direct is the new way forward for companies that want to give their customers the best service experience possible. AGvisorPRO features a premium connection involving voice, face to face, and instant messaging sessions that are recorded for future reference.


Taurus Helps Growers Succeed

Taurus has spent the last 18 years working towards advancing agriculture, consistently delivering the latest innovations and products to leading edge growers. Taurus focuses on simplifying the science and defining the why’s behind the how’s when it comes to providing growers with the knowledge, information and insights needed to take their crops and business to the next level. Their solutions are proven, backed by solid measurable science and their highly experienced people are the backbone of the company.


Advancing Every Acre

Taurus places growers needs first, always looking for better, more sustainable ways to improve results and give a competitive advantage. Through leading edge innovative solutions and agronomic practices, Taurus is here to help answer questions, have in depth conversations, build trust, and help growers and industry people exceed their agronomic goals. AGvisorPRO is an advanced way to help Taurus better serve the ag market.


As the world around us is constantly changing, what hasn’t changed is the need for progressive minds to seek information to make informed decisions.  We realize we work in vast spaces in agriculture and every hour counts when acres are big and manpower is limited.  We are excited to become a Tech Direct™ partner on the AGvisorPRO platform.  We see this as a medium for growers, retailers and consultants to reach out to us in a modern way where we can have instant connectivity and see each other face to face.


I think one thing we are realizing in the last few months is there are better ways to connect remotely, and that certain ways of communication may never go back to the way they were before.  Utilizing this platform in today’s environment will allow us to answer questions, have in depth conversations, build trust, and help growers and industry people, all while respecting everyone’s time.  We are here for when the market needs us and this is another innovative way for us to better serve the marketplace with our leading edge innovative solutions and agronomic practices.” 

                                                          -Craig Davidson  President – Taurus Ag Marketing


Got a Question About your Field?

  • Are you wondering how Active FLOWER™ will promote more pollination, gain better seed set and protect against heat blast? Ask Taurus via AGvisorPRO
  • Have a question about Active VPR™ and how it can help peas fight stress, produce more yield and still be safe to mix with other herbicides like Viper? Contact Taurus on AGvisorPRO. 
  • Wondering about bees, pollen, and higher yields? Taurus will be able to give you instant results on AGvisorPRO. 

Leveraging Technology

As Taurus continues to grow their business beyond western Canada, they’ve recognized the need to adapt and connect to the market with more efficiency and in real time. A company that’s growing quickly doesn’t have to be a company that’s stretched thin. With AGvisorPRO to help growers, retailers and consultants reach out and have an instant connection to the answers they need, Taurus is looking towards the future and this new technology to remotely connect and deliver answers.

The Tech Direct Solution

AGvisorPRO’s Tech Direct solution facilitates this connection by enabling instantaneous voice, face-to-face, and instant message connections from any mobile device or desktop. With Tech Direct, it’s easy for a customer to find exactly the right person in a company to speak to and book a session. Tech Direct is also a part of the larger AGvisorPRO ecosystem, which means new potential customers can also connect with Taurus quickly and easily. Every Tech Direct session is automatically recorded and catalogued with video, chat, and shared photos, so a customer can refer back to it at any time.