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Connecting you with world-renowned resources: An SGS Crop Science Tech Direct Guide

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SGS, a respected global leader with over a century in certification, inspection and testing is ticking all the boxes to bring innovation and information in crop sciences directly to you.  Operating throughout Canada, SGS has built a reputation in setting the standards for crop science and delivering accredited analysis from their centres of excellence located across eastern and western Canada.   Holly Gelech, who has a lifetime of experience in the seed industry, as well as the accredited and certified labs that analyze and innovate it, breaks down the wealth of knowledge that SGS has to offer farmers and growers through

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Genes That Fit: A SeCan Tech Direct Guide

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Blue Jeans Mean Best Genes A local source of seed is not a given in modern agriculture. Is there a way to get farmers the genetics they need that has a more local focus? With SeCan, the answer is yes, and AGvisorPRO is excited to have them on board as one of our newest Tech Direct Partners. Sowing A New Approach SeCan was started in 1976 with the goal of distributing genetics equitably. Their model is unique in its not-for-profit design, and farmers know SeCan as a brand that supports breeders and seed growers at a more local level. AGvisorPRO

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