Calgary, Alberta
October 15th: For Immediate release

AGvisorPRO Gains More Machine Learning Expertise

The AGvisorPRO team is thrilled to welcome Brock Moir to the position of Chief Innovation Officer. Coming from the Alberta Machinery Intelligence Institute (amii), Moir will work with the business and product development teams steering AGvisorPRO’s future technical development.

Brock, who obtained his bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Alberta and his master’s degree from the University of Victoria in subatomic particle collisions at LHC’s (Large Hardon Collider) ATALAS detector, has a wealth of public, private and deep science experience.  In addition to working on machine learning projects, Brock spent 4 years working as a data scientist in a host of different industries, including the utilities and energy usage space, as well the construction and building space. At amii, Brock worked with some of the world’s leading experts in AI research, and helped startups develop their machine learning capabilities. This gave Brock an excellent understanding of what startups need to do in order to successfully implement machine learning into their businesses.

“AGvisorPRO really wants to create an inter-connected matrix of communication in Agriculture. We know that human experience and judgement will always be required, but what if we build a better way to leverage technology to create better matches and deeper connectivity experiences? Brock’s expertise and insight is going to help us shape that future.”  – Rob Saik, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, AGvisorPRO. “Additionally, Brock will help us leverage our teams and other platforms to provide even greater experiences for farmers, independent advisors, industry partners, government, researchers and the public.”

“I’m excited for the fast pace that the ‘Answers Now’ mentality brings to AGvisorPRO. There’s huge potential to use machine learning and matching algorithms to achieve that goal of instant answers, for agriculture or any other vertical really. For a farmer, they should be able to input a question, and have our AI point out the perfect expert for that question. Behind the scenes, if you want to build tech startups, it’s essential that this process is powered by data. Successful startups need to leverage data in their approach. There are so many benefits and advantages to powering AGvisorPRO with data. That’s what I’m here to do.”  – Brick Moir, Chief Innovation Officer, AGvisorPRO

As Chief Innovation Officer, Brock will be responsible for anticipating AGvisorPRO’s algorithm development and ensuring that AGvisorPRO is on track to make use of that increasing capability. Brock’s experience gives him a high vantage point in the AI/ML sector, and will help push AGvisorPRO out to the leading edge of innovation.

AGvisorPRO is a remote-connectivity platform for agriculture. The application can be downloaded for free on iOS, Android, and desktop devices. AGvisorPRO was recognized as The 2020 Ag Innovation of Year by the Ag in Motion Discovery Plus Farm Show.

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AGvisorPRO Inc is an agriculture technology company providing remote instantaneous connectivity between farmers, experts, researchers, government and industry players to provide Answers Now.  Expert Access connects “seekers” (farmers) to domain experts. The Tech Direct Solution connects farmers and ag retail to company technical representatives for free.  Instant Access is the integration of AGvisorPRO inside other data systems.  AGvisorPRO is FREE to download on iOS, Android or Desktop. Ag Experts, Industry Partners or Investor inquiries are welcome.