Point Forward Solutions is a Tech Direct Partner

AGvisorPRO is happy to announce its Tech Direct Partnership with Point Forward Solutions. Tech Direct is designed to help folks in agriculture better connect with the expertise they rely on. 1-800 numbers are outdated, and limit the value of any interaction. Tech Direct is a better way to service agriculture’s needs. When it comes to topics like soil-data layers, or variable rate fertility, or the hard-ware and tech required to implement these techniques on your farm or for your farm customers,  there’s no better source of information than Point Forward Solutions.

Variable Rate Fungicide mapping

For growers, the early summer season is characterized by fungicide application. Broad-acre fungicide application can be an expensive proposition, so maximizing efficiency with variable rate fungicide application is a great way to improve an operation’s unit cost of production. Brendon Friesen, Operations and Technology Manager at Point Forward Solutions, has a great on-farm example of how their knowledge can save a farmer time and money.

“Out in Daysland country, there are a lot of farmers that seed around pot-holes. Could be twenty or thirty in a field, but by fungicide season they’re traditionally dry enough to drive through. Ideally you want to spray straight up and down the field, not drive around all these dried out holes. One example we did last year, I took a guy’s as-applied data and where he seeded I turned the fungicide on, and where he didn’t I turned it off. Saved him 32 acres of chemical on that one field. He could spray right through and have his sections turn off on any interior slough.”
                                                   – Brendon Friesen, Operations and Technology Manager

Point Forward Solutions’ mission

Point Forward Solutions believes in implementing technology to allow you to farm efficiently economically and sustainably to grow your acre-by-acre profit.

“There’s a lot of guys out there struggling, and they don’t know that I’m an expert in ISOBUS application control products. If they’re going on AGvisorPRO, the chances of them finding me, as such, are a lot higher.”
                                                   – Brendon Friesen, Operations and Technology Manager

What can Point Forward Solutions help you with?

-Are you an ag retailer looking to bring more insight around variable-rate and mapping to your customers? Point Forward Solutions can help with the “heavy lifting” of soil sampling, zone mapping and tech support, ensuring your customers get a top-notch experience.
-Are you an independent agronomist looking to enhance your offering to growers? Point Forward Solutions can help fill out the services you offer, making you a stronger source of advice and wisdom for your customers.
-Are you a grower who needs more insight on how to leverage technology on your operation? Point Forward Solutions will not only help you with all your sampling and mapping needs, they’ll review your use of all this kind of technology, and make sure you’re getting the most out of the equipment you’ve paid top-dollar for.

Single Solution Remote Technology

Point Forward Solutions is excited about bringing Tech Direct into their operations because it gives them another touch-point with their customers. A huge advantage for their business is the fact that Tech Direct facilitates a face-to-face connection with customers, regardless of their use of Apple or Android devices. In a world that has just recently moved to remote working, there’s an abundance of applications facilitating connections, and this can be a major headache for anyone in customer service. Between Facetime, Zoom, What’sApp, Google Meeting, Microsoft Teams, there’s too many apps to manage, and too many points of failure and frustration. This can lead to a less than optimal customer experience. AGvisorPRO solves these issues by centralizing the support portal.

The Tech Direct Solution

Tech Direct is helping companies in agriculture update their customer service pipelines, increasing connectivity and satisfaction, and is giving growers a way to get Answers Now.

With Tech Direct under the hood, Point Forward Solutions is a group of people you’ll be happy to connect with.