AGvisorPRO is happy to announce its affiliation with Pattison Liquid Systems through the Tech Direct Program. Tech Direct offers agricultural companies a solution to improve their customer service experience. Pattison Liquid Systems is excited to see how Tech Direct can integrate into their business and help leverage their team of experts to give growers the answers they need, now. 

The big name in liquid fertilizer systems is Pattison

Pattison Liquid Systems is aiming to be the foremost innovative global supplier of quality liquid handling products, service, technology and knowledge in the agricultural Industry. 

Their mission is to build a team of satisfied, qualified, professional employees that deliver innovative, profitable, quality products and services to their customers, all while providing a safe and enjoyable work environment. The team at Pattison Liquid Systems is second to none, and eager to help.

I think getting through the season without a lot of friction, and being able to help people get the job done is great. Sometimes we get thanked, and that’s great, but knowing our products are out there getting the work done is thanks enough.” 

                                                        -Rick Pattison, President / Owner, Pattison Liquid Systems

Everything a grower needs, right when they need it. 

Pattison Liquid Systems is a single source for every aspect of liquid fertilizer management on a farm. For over 40 years, Pattison Liquid Systems has been manufacturing and distributing pretty much every component a grower could ever need when building or servicing their liquid fertilizer application and handling operations. Based in Lemberg Saskatchewan, Pattison Liquid Systems is a staple of agriculture in Western Canada. If you’ve been around liquid fertilizers, chances are you’ve encountered Pattison Liquid Systems equipment. 

Pattison Liquid Systems has your Liquid Fertilizer and Liquid Handling needs covered

The amount of equipment and technical expertise involved in liquid fertilizer management can be overwhelming. Luckily for growers, Pattison Liquid Systems is leading the way with their innovative products. 

  • In the area of field equipment, Pattison Liquid Systems manufactures field tested and quality assured tow-between and tow-behind wagons, batch scale systems, field storage systems, NH3 wagons, and tanker transports. 
  • If you’re looking for liquid fertilizer blending solutions, handling accessories, or dribble systems, Pattison Liquid Systems has it all. 
  • Pattison Liquid Systems also provides a wide range of monitor and flow meter solutions, as well as variable rate and sectional control systems. 
  • The team at Pattison Liquid systems is happy to provide you with all kinds of pumps, as well as a servicing program to keep them in running. 
  • Pattison Liquid Systems also offers a variety of other products, such as soil sampling equipment, storage tanks, lighting systems, and more. 
  • Pattison Liquid Systems boasts the largest selection of liquid handling products such as hoses and fittings, filter/strainer assemblies, and valves. Their warehouse is stocked with over 250,000 parts, waiting to meet your needs. 

Pattison Liquid Systems has your Spray Management and needs covered. 

When you get down “into the weeds” with sprayer management systems, there are a lot of considerations. When all the pieces of a liquid system come together, and it’s time to spray, Pattison Liquid Systems is there offering every piece of equipment you need. 

  • If you need meters, sprayer pumps, filter assemblies, hoses and reels, inductor systems, or if you simply want to increase the performance of your spray system, Pattison Liquid Systems has all the products you need, as well as the ones you didn’t even know you needed.

Leveraging remote technology to assist customers. 

When things start moving in agriculture, immediate solutions to problems become essential. In the springtime when growers are gearing up for planting, it’s critical that companies like Pattison Liquid Systems are able to respond quickly and efficiently to a query from their customers. The systems involved in liquid handling and application are complex, and there’s a lot of room for confusion. During this time of year, Pattison Liquid Systems needs to field hundreds of technical calls to ensure their customers are getting the best experience. With such a large offering of products, it’s essential that Pattison Liquid Systems can backup that catalogue of equipment with the expertise required to keep it running. Tech Direct is excited to get into this mix, and help facilitate a better connection between Pattison Liquid Systems, and their customers. 

The Tech Direct Solution

AGvisorPRO’s Tech Direct program is a modern replacement for outdated customer service channels like 1-800 numbers or live internet chats. When a company like Pattison Liquid Systems integrates Tech Direct into their customer service experience, they give customers a face-to-face high quality connection to the exact right person within the company to fulfill their needs. Tech Direct automatically archives the interaction for the company and the customer for future reference, and the entire process is free for customers of the company in question. Because Tech Direct is a part of the larger AGvisorPRO ecosystem, it also facilitates more “walk-by” interactions between the company, and new potential customers using the AGvisorPRO app.  Agriculture is still figuring out exactly how to do business in a post-covid world, and anyone involved in customer service in this industry will tell you, that means using a lot of different apps to connect with customers. Tech Direct replaces all those different apps with a single channel of communication to simplify an employees life, and help them make better use of their time.