High-Clearance Sprayer not Hitting the Mark?

We all know high-clearance sprayers are a crucial piece of equipment on a farm, but what happens when you’ve started to out-grow a single high-clearance sprayer?  You can find yourself in that pocket where you definitely need more sprayer capacity, but can’t justify the expense of another high-clearance sprayer.

What you’re really looking for at this point is to have a sprayer-and-a-half on your operation.
Pattison Liquid Systems has been working on solving this problem. They’ve looked into the past, and into the future, and smashed those two paradigms together with their brand new pull-behind applicator, The Sniper. 

Pattison Liquid Systems pull behind green sprayer applicator

Pattison Liquid Systems Pull Behind Green Sprayer Applicator in field

Yes, you heard that right. Seems a bit old fashioned right? Not when Pattison Liquid Systems is building it. The same team that brought you the cutting-edge Connect Sprayer (used with the DOT autonomous platform), has re-imagined The Sniper as a high-tech stop-gap unit that gives a grower the additional spray capacity they need without breaking the bank.

 Pull Behind Sprayer in field

Put Sniper in Your Crosshairs

Sniper is a 120ft sprayer with recirculating aluminum booms. It comes with 1600 gallons of capacity with a 100 gallon rinse tank. What’s exciting about this re-imagined sprayer is the addition of Raven electronics. Raven’s Hawkeye system makes Sniper a very unique applicator with individual nozzle control and turn compensation. Raven’s Auto-Boom system uses sensors to anticipate boom location and control boom height relative to the ground and canopy, giving Sniper 14 degrees of pitch and roll control. It’s the high-tech low-cost solution you’ve been looking for. The entire machine rests on tires specifically chosen to mitigate compaction and increase floatation, and the entire rig can be easily pulled by that 200hp tractor you had to buy to run your auger. Bullseye!

Sprayer Applicator Booms

Targeting Applicator Savings

The fact is, every hour of operation on your high-clearance sprayer runs you $175-$250 an hour. Bringing a Sniper into your farming operation can easily save you 200 hours a year of wear-and-tear on your high-clearance sprayer. We’re talking about a top-of-the-line sprayer with a much lower price tag. 

But if you’re just thinking of typical sprayer applications, you’re not thinking big enough.  We all know that some producers are starting to top dress their remaining fertilizer requirements after seeding. If you’re rolling out the high-clearance sprayer for a mundane job like this, consider the fact that Sniper’s 1600 gallon tank lets you get far in your liquid fertilizer application without a fill. Add to that the individual nozzle control offered by Raven’s electronics, and you’ve got all the pieces you need to rake in additional cost savings. Sniper is the perfect spray platform for herbicide application and top-dressing. It’s the best solution for those moments when your high-clearance sprayer just isn’t necessary.

Sniper is brand new this year, with a limited production run underway. If you’re curious about getting your hands on a unit, AGvisorPRO would be happy to facilitate a connection between you and Pattison Liquid Systems through our platform.

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