Press Release: AGvisorPRO Hits Major Milestone with Platform Partners

Innovative Connectivity Channel Finishes Fourth Quarter Strong Calgary, Alberta – May 27, 2021 – Just over a year since launching the Tech Direct Industry Partner Program, AGvisorPRO is pleased to announce even more additions to its global channel. AGvisorPRO solves the problem of distance, space, time and pandemic considerations with their free app that connects farmers to experts across the … Read More

Precision Irrigation = Precision Agriculture: A Hortau Tech Direct Guide

Irrigated farming is how many thousands of Canadian producers earn their living. It is a difficult method to achieve complete control since measuring water-use efficacy has been a challenge. For farmers, precision agriculture is a term being used more and more these days, however, it’s only recently that precision irrigation has become synonymous with the phrase. With Hortau, the Canadian-based … Read More

Better Feed and Forage

In the latest edition of AGvisorPRO’s #Plant21 webinar series, we connect with livestock feed and forage experts to hear their tips and best practices. Hear from Leanne Smith, Victoria Nameth, Mira Van Burck, Linda Hunt to explore topics on: How moisture conditions influence pasture grazing, understanding rangeland health and how to adjust stocking rates for drier conditions to ensure resiliency … Read More

First-Rate Field Scale Trials: an IN10T Tech Direct Guide

 IN10T is Intent on Farmer Success Farmers are constantly trying to gain a competitive advantage when it comes to utilizing the latest products, but how can they know if they will be the right fit for their operation? This important question has a simple answer: field-scale trials. Luckily for Canadian farmers, IN10T does just that, and more. IN10T recognizes the … Read More

Make Monitoring Easy: A North Star Systems Tech Direct Guide

A Trusted Source for Tattle Systems Running a farming operation means keeping track of a lot of moving parts. The scale of modern farming is increasing, along with the sophistication and expense of equipment and technology. It’s no surprise that operators of modern farms eventually reach a ceiling of complexity, where it’s nearly impossible to keep track of everything that’s … Read More

Don’t Settle for Second-Best: An Onset Tech Direct Guide

For Sensor Success, Use Onset from the Outset In farming today, if you’re not on top of new technology, you may be going under. Sensors and data loggers are the latest tools for the modern farm, and Onset is a global leader in both. Onset’s cutting-edge HOBO monitoring solutions are simple to install, so you can easily measure, record, and … Read More

Webinar Series – Are you ready for the #Plant21 season?

Thank you to everyone that joined us on our March 16 webinar series for the 2021 growing season. AGvisorPRO is proud to share the latest edition of our ongoing webinars to improve your 2021 growing season. In this session, we spoke with ag experts on best practices to help you plan more strategically for this year and future years. Hear … Read More

Fencing Done Right: A FenceFast Tech Direct Guide

FenceFast: Fantastic For Farmers One of the milestones often associated with working in agriculture is developing a close relationship with a “post-pounder”. There’s nothing quite like the experience of building and maintaining a good fence. It may not be the average person’s first thought when thinking about important tasks in agriculture, but fencing is a critical component of many farming … Read More

Webinar Series – Could your farm be more weatherproof?

Thank you to everyone that joined us in our latest webinar series!  AGvisorPRO is proud to share the latest edition of our ongoing webinars to improve your 2021 growing season. In this session, we heard from some of the ag industry’s experts in one of the most difficult challenges facing growers and what is considered to be the least predictable: … Read More

Think Different, Farm Better : A Timac AGRO Tech Direct Guide

Farmers work hard, so it only makes sense their plants should as well. Beyond your traditional N-P-K-S components, a growing number of Canadian farmers are eager to engage in the necessary conversation around the topics of soil health and nutrient use efficiency. For this reason, Timac AGRO Canada is focussed on helping farmers increase their productivity in pursuit of sustainable … Read More