AGvisorPRO Inc welcomes four new technology partners to the Tech Direct Solution™ platform. The partners – AGI, ATP Nutrition, Flaman Group and Hammond Realty – are innovative companies that recognize the evolving role technology and digital connections offer farmers as they conduct their everyday business.

“Grower interest in the Tech Direct Solution service has been overwhelming at the recent Ag in Motion Discovery Plus virtual platform,” says Founder and CEO Robert Saik. “We’re continuing to build on that momentum by expanding AGvisorPRO with our new tech partners.”

The AGvisorPRO Tech Direct Solution was launched in April 2020 and offers farmers and company technical representatives a new way to instantly connect to enhance customer service and take agribusiness to a new level.

“AGvisorPRO links farmers and agricultural experts to problem solve and get answers to their questions. We are very pleased to be part of this platform, providing another way for AGI customers to achieve success,” says AGI, President and CEO Tim Close. “Through the Tech Direct Solution platform, farmers can instantly access technical knowledge and expertise for many of our brands like Westeel, Westfield and Batco, and our new technology products like AGI SureTrack and AGI Compass.”

Jarrett Chambers, President, ATP Nutrition explains that providing nutrient knowledge and sharing information on how new technologies fit to drive the efficiency and availability of nutrients has always been a core initiative of ATP Nutrition. “Platforms like AGvisorPRO are critical to the future of our business,” says Chambers. “They facilitate real time connections between innovative growers, retailers and independent crop consultants while giving us the ability to learn from our customers and evolve our product offerings to bring new value-added technologies to market.”

“AGvisorPRO seems a natural fit for the Flaman Group of Companies,” says Lloyd Streifel, Vice President Operations, Flaman Group of Companies. “It’s ability to be ‘on the farm without being on the farm’ and interacting via video calls seems like a true extension to our family of customers. We’re excited about this opportunity as we continue to support customers in new and innovative ways.”

“Joining the AGvisorPRO community offers us a unique opportunity to stay in close contact with our client base, especially when we’re in the midst of a global pandemic when building face to face interactions and business relationships is challenging,” says Tim Hammond, Hammond Realty. “AGvisorPRO makes it easy for potential clients to learn about our services and expertise, and allows customers to quickly and easily connect with our land consultants.”

The Tech Direct Solution service continues to attract attention of agribusinesses and AGI, ATP Nutrition, Flaman Group and Hammond Realty join existing Tech Direct partners Taurus Ag, Point Forward Solutions, Keg River Chemical (Sulphur) and Pattison Liquid Systems. AGvisorPRO continues to innovate and expand, and welcomes new digital and tech direct partners. For more information, contact

Tech Direct Solution partners can register their company, their products and their reps on the AGvisorPRO platform so users are able to quickly connect within the app via audio, video, chat, high resolution picture sharing. The app is free for download on iOS, Android and desktop and there is no charge for the farmers to connect via the Tech Direct Solution.

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AGvisorPRO Inc, a privately held firm, is an agriculture technology company focusing on solving problems by creating connectivity between farmers, experts and industry players to provide Answers Now.