It really can’t be said enough. Selling what you grow is just as important as growing it in the first place. A farmer could be the best possible steward of their land, but if their marketing strategy falls short, they are leaving money on the table. AGvisorPRO knows that the answers farmers need now go way beyond agronomy and equipment. We’re thrilled to offer farmers access to some of the leading experts in all facets of agriculture, including grain marketing. When it comes to selling what you grow, there are few people who can offer better answers than Lawrence Klusa.  

A Deeper Understanding of Agriculture

Lawrence has agriculture in his blood, and over 40 years of experience as an expert in the industry. Growing up on a farm, Lawrence had early experience running all the machinery on his family farm. Through the end of highschool and into university, Lawrence became the primary operator of the family farm, and to this day the Klusa’s still have farmland near Floral, Saskatchewan.

Lawrence worked for many years as an ag-business consultant before returning to university for a masters degree. Following this, Lawrence focused on his expertise in grain and became a specialist in that area. As a commodity futures trader and a quality control manager in grain sales, Lawrence developed a well rounded understanding of grain, from what it takes to grow a good crop to what it takes to sell that crop. Lawrence has a very broad and deep understanding of the ag sector at an international level, with particular insight into agriculture in western Canada. He has taken his experience with crop production, grain transportation, lab services, and government agencies, and extended that knowledge to farmers. Lawrence has been consulting direct-to-farmers for the past 8 years and AGvisorPRO is thrilled to help Lawrence reach even further. 

Marketing Starts Before The Planting Begins

We all know that things get pretty hectic for farmers in the warm months. Western Canada’s relatively short summer means farmers have to be quick on their feet to get the crop in, and get it out again before the snow. From Lawrence’s perspective, this means he’s often hearing from farmers post-harvest, potentially even post-sale, as they prepare for the next year. While you may expect farmers to be thinking about selling their crops towards the end of the growing season, Lawrence advises that a proper grain marketing strategy starts before a farmer has even chosen what to plant. This spring was an excellent example, in that Lawrence was recommending durum over spring wheat. Presently, the price differential between durum and spring wheat is somewhere between $2.00 and $2.50 per bushel. So, for an average yield of 50bu/ac, a farmer is looking at a profit difference of $20k per quarter, simply based on what they choose to grow. Lawrence can help with that. 


“Most of this spring I was recommending durum over spring wheat. Currently, the spread between new crop durum and spring wheat is $2.00-$2.50 per bushel, so on a 50bu/ac crop that works out to about $20,000 per quarter section. So… it adds up pretty quickly.” 


So Many Crops, So Many Questions

Whether your questions are about pulse crops, oilseeds, cereals, or any other crops grown in western Canada, Lawrence has the insights you need to fully leverage the market to your advantage. For so many growers, this often boils down to a few basic questions. When should they sell? How do they find the best price? What kind of contracts should they sign? It’s not easy to figure out these answers in a vacuum, and connecting with an expert like Lawrence can turn crop marketing from a source of anxiety to a source of pride.  

AGvisorPRO has you covered

The team here at AGvisorPRO is thrilled to provide farmers with access to experts like Lawrence. We’re proud to have created a platform that helps farmers and experts alike.
One thing we hear often from our team of Experts is that the AGvisorPRO app helps them meet new potential customers with ease. This is no small thing in a post-COVID world, where face-to-face interactions are limited. AGvisorPRO works around those limitations, and gives farmers an easy way to find and compare experts like Lawrence. AGvisorPRO facilitates the connection between farmer and expert, handles the monetary transaction, and saves all sessions for future reference. From the expert’s perspective, this means more foot traffic, more customers looking at products and services offered by the expert, and a higher likelihood of connecting with a farmer who needs answers now. 

Connect with Lawrence for Answers Now

If you want to chat with Lawrence, or if you’re looking for an expert in another area of Agriculture, AGvisorPRO is for you. Visit to download our free application for Apple or Android devices. From there, it’s just a few clicks to setup your profile, and you’ll have access to one of the world’s largest networks of independent ag experts. AGvisorPRO gives farmers Answers Now.