AGvisorPRO’s roster of Tech Direct partners is steadily growing, and with the addition of Hammond Realty, we know our platform is quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for all the advice a farmer needs. Modern farming is a complex endeavor, and good farmers know they can be even better with the right network of experts and companies backing them up. When a farmer in Saskatchewan is ready to buy or sell farmland, they know that Hammond Realty has their back. Peace of mind through Hammond Realty is just a few taps away with AGvisorPRO.

The Big Name In Saskatchewan Farm Real Estate

Nothing gets the mind thinking about land quite like driving through Saskatchewan. Township after township, mile after mile, the farmland just never seems to end. It becomes abundantly clear that realty is an essential part of the business of farming. There are very few realty companies with the acres of expertise that Hammond Realty has. Since 2006, Tim Hammond has cultivated a team with an immense diversity of ag experience. That diversity means the motivation of Hammond Realty extends beyond simply selling and buying land. Their team seeks to understand a farmer’s objectives and long-term goals. They surround each purchase or sale decision with trusted data, a variety of optionswealth of expertise and sound advice. Farmers can rest easy knowing they’re making the right call, at the right price, at the right time. Simply put, Hammond Realty helps farmers make important decisions and then facilitates them.
“Rather than just being involved in terms of helping somebody with a real estate transaction, Tim Hammond’s vision is more of a consultative model where we work long-term with clients and advise them and help around all the other aspects that impact land sales or purchases… which is kind of everything. There’s not much in farming that doesn’t relate back to the land.”
                            -Gina Kempton, Hammond Realty 


Since there’s been farmland, there’s been a need for it to occasionally change hands. There are a multitude of choices when a farmer is seeking help from a realtor. What sets Hammond Realty apart is the breadth and depth of expertise in their team. Adding to this is the fact that Hammond Realty agents don’t split territories or compete with each other like other realty companies do. Hammond’s team-based approach creates higher quality outcomes and results that are more efficient and effective. When you hire one agent with Hammond Realty, their entire team of farmland professionals is working for you.  

“Tim really encourages a team atmosphere, rather than just a bunch of agents who happen to work in the same space. There’s a difference between a group of people who work together, and a functioning team. We call each other in when we need that expertise. We know what our team members are really good at.  

What can Hammond Realty help you with?  

No matter what your real estate needs are, Hammond Realty can help. Their team offers a wide variety of specialized agricultural services. Even before you’re ready to buy or sell, the agents at Hammond Realty can help you determine what the next best move is. Succession planning is one area where Hammond Realty helps a lot of farmers. Buying and selling farmland is not a short-term proposition. It requires a long-term view of any given operation, and that’s where Hammond Realty shines. Once you’re ready to make a move, Hammond is there. They list farmsranches, and agribusinesses of all types and sizes throughout the province of Saskatchewan, as well as investment properties, acreages, and recreational land. If you’ve got succession planning on your mind, be sure to give Hammond Realty a call, because they’ll help you achieve your farmland goals. 

How does Hammond Realty benefit from AVP? 

AGvisorPRO is well situated to help Hammond Realty provide their services to farmers. In a post-COVID world, we all know that face-to-face connections are at a premium. Presently, it seems like the whole ag industry is scrambling to figure out best-practices in this new working environment. Digital connectivity has become the name of the game, but there’s no standardization yet. Farmers and company reps alike are struggling through a multitude of platforms and schemes, trying to get connected. AGvisorPRO is ready to help companies like Hammond Realty make the transition to digital connectivity with our Tech Direct Program.   

The Tech Direct Solution 

Tech Direct is the future of customer service. Companies and independent experts alike are using our app to facilitate a better connection to their customers. Tech Direct is a modern alternative to 1-800 customer service lines. It bypasses all the complication of those systems, and allows customers to connect instantly and directly to the exact right person, every single time. Face-to-face connectivity means geography is no longer the limiting factor in farmers accessing the advice they need. AGvisorPRO erases locality, and we’re excited for the potential this has in ag realty. We’re thrilled to see where Hammond Realty takes this.