A new internet tool brings together agricultural experts and farmers as they learn to live in the new COVID-19 reality.

Rob Saik had some ideas about agronomy and husbandry delivery, coming out of the sale of his Agritrend company to technology giant Trimble.

“I had learned a lot over the years about what we could do to deliver information to farmers. And what farmers are willing to pay for and when,” he said in a recent interview.

He said the trouble comes when they go looking for expert assistance, where do they turn? The industry has become so specialized in many cases that the people with the answers are often few and far between. And despite the power of the internet, they are not always easily identified or contacted.

Government exodus from agricultural extension provision is ongoing, reducing the free availability of knowledge and increasing the overall demand.

Michael Raine of the Western Producer, interviewed Rob Saik in April 2020 and detailed this conversation in an article posted on the Western Producer website.  Read this article in its entirety.