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Fewer Problems, Moe Money: An Expert Guide to Marketing with Moe Agostino, HBA, CIM, FCSI

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The Best Ag Network Gets Even Better Grow the crop. Sell the crop. Manage the money. For farmers this is the business cycle. A discerning eye might notice that only one out of three of those points actually involves growing things. A green thumb does not necessarily make a profitable farmer. And when it comes to selling the crop and managing the money, AGvisorPRO knows that farmers often need outside expertise to craft the most profitable strategy. After all, making expertise available to farmers is what we do. Moe the “Marketing Man” We are pleased to officially announce the addition

AGvisorPRO Wins AIM Innovation Award

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The new AGvisorPRO Tech Direct Solution platform was awarded the 2020 Ag in Motion (AIM) Innovations Program award for Agribusiness Services Tuesday, July 21 in a live virtual presentation. The new AGvisorPRO platform was launched at the virtual trade show this week as part of the AIM Innovation Showcase that highlights new or conceptual agricultural innovations. AGvisorPRO brings together new and familiar features from other disruptive technologies into one platform through the Tech Direct Solution. This new service can instantaneously connect farmers and retailers with agriculture manufacturers and suppliers for free using AGvisorPRO in a way that is better, faster

Elaine Froese’s Expert Guide to Conflict Resolution

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Working With Family Can Be A Challenge Agriculture is largely a family business. Farming operations are often passed down from one generation to the next, and while this can be an extremely rewarding proposition, it also comes with a whole host of potential pitfalls that are best avoided. AGvisorPRO is working hard to bring growers answers now, and we know not every issue on the farm is technical or agronomic in nature. Often, the biggest struggle in a given operation is figuring out how to work closely with your family. That’s where Expert Elaine Froese can help. The Expert That

AGvisorPRO is Proud to Partner with Point Forward Solutions!

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Point Forward Solutions is a Tech Direct Partner AGvisorPRO is happy to announce its Tech Direct Partnership with Point Forward Solutions. Tech Direct is designed to help folks in agriculture better connect with the expertise they rely on. 1-800 numbers are outdated, and limit the value of any interaction. Tech Direct is a better way to service agriculture’s needs. When it comes to topics like soil-data layers, or variable rate fertility, or the hard-ware and tech required to implement these techniques on your farm or for your farm customers,  there’s no better source of information than Point Forward Solutions. Variable

New Tool Provides Connectivity between Agribusiness and Farmers

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AGvisorPRO Press Release Calgary, Alberta May 13th, 2020: For Immediate release New Tool provides connectivity between Agribusiness and Farmers AGvisorPRO Inc has launched a new service designed to provide instantaneous connectivity between farmers and company technical representatives to enhance customer service. “The AGvisorPRO Tech Direct Solution™ built on the AGvisorPRO platform creates a connection between those seeking advice about a company’s product, service or technology and that company’s technical reps.” explains CEO, Robert Saik. “Instead of going to the web or trying to find a 1-800 number, then explaining your problem to the operator, with Tech Direct you simply enter

Farmers obtain info remotely

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A new internet tool brings together agricultural experts and farmers as they learn to live in the new COVID-19 reality. Rob Saik had some ideas about agronomy and husbandry delivery, coming out of the sale of his Agritrend company to technology giant Trimble. “I had learned a lot over the years about what we could do to deliver information to farmers. And what farmers are willing to pay for and when,” he said in a recent interview. He said the trouble comes when they go looking for expert assistance, where do they turn? The industry has become so specialized in

AGvisorPro connects producers to virtual consultants

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Technology has increased relevance during pandemic. No one plans or welcomes a pandemic, but Rob Saik says in this unexpected time of isolation and social distancing, a new service he launched in 2019 can help farmers connect with a diverse network of agricultural expertise either online or by phone, at a time when face-to-face personal contact is being discouraged. Saik, well known in the agriculture industry as founder of the long-operating Agri-Trend crop consulting service, is now at the helm as CEO of a new service he founded last year — AGvisorPro. Co-piloting the venture is co-founder and general manager,

Agriculture Experts in the Digital Age

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Our brains start from scratch when we are born. While our parents' generation had the opportunity to be generalists, our generation must be more specialized within our knowledge as the information in each domain is growing exponentially. However, modern farming operations touch so many different areas. Even if they decide to focus on one area such as growing canola, they still require the expertise from an agronomist, a business manager, a market specialist, an equipment specialist and a human resource manager to help them stay competitive. No farmer can be a specialist in all of these areas. Farmers need

The competitive advantage of an extended knowledge pool

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Human knowledge doubles every 13 months. However, a farmer only has an average of 35 springs, summers, falls and winters in their entire career. Every single decision is therefore of great importance, as it can heavily impact overall profitability.  Meanwhile, there is an abundance of new information that farmers need to keep up with e.g. biologicals, UC nozzles, outcome based pricing, drones, new varieties, political movements, good stewardship, future prices, active vision, autoflow, conferences, magazines, social media -- the list goes on and on.    Farmers almost have to be superhuman to keep up with all the new trends. Now

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