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Connecting you with world-renowned resources: An SGS Crop Science Tech Direct Guide

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SGS, a respected global leader with over a century in certification, inspection and testing is ticking all the boxes to bring innovation and information in crop sciences directly to you.  Operating throughout Canada, SGS has built a reputation in setting the standards for crop science and delivering accredited analysis from their centres of excellence located across eastern and western Canada.   Holly Gelech, who has a lifetime of experience in the seed industry, as well as the accredited and certified labs that analyze and innovate it, breaks down the wealth of knowledge that SGS has to offer farmers and growers through

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Nutrient Management for a Proven ROI: An AgXplore Tech Direct Guide

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Customized Fertility for Maximum Profits There’s no cookie-cutter approach to farming. What works on your farm may not work in another region or even on your neighbor’s farm. That applies to your fertility program, which is why we’re proud to have AgXplore as one of our AGvisorPRO Tech Direct Partners. Offering customized nutrient management plans and the products to make it happen, AgXplore can help your crops and fields get the exact nutrients they need so that you can realize the highest return on your fertilizer investment.    Products Solve Fertility Problems Do you see slow plant growth? Poor grain

Make the Most from Your Grain: An Exceed Grain Marketing Tech Guide

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Tailored Marketing and Financial Advice When it is April and the skies are clear, the temperature is right, and it is time to get out in the field, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you should lock in a price because the grain markets are rallying. That is where Exceed Grain Marketing comes in. As one of our newest AGvisorPRO Tech Direct Partners, they stay on top of the markets so you can keep doing what you do best: farm.   Get the Most for Your Grain Based in Western Canada, Exceed Grain Marketing excels in

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Everybody Needs Inputs: A Keg River Tech Direct Guide

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There is no way around it. Everybody needs inputs and everybody wants to hit the perfect intersection of quality and timeliness. Well, if you haven’t heard, elemental sulfur from the team at Keg River Premium Sulfur Fertilizers will give you just that. In business for more than 20 years, the Edmonton, Alberta company has a well-earned reputation of providing North American farmers with an unmatched product— degradable bentonite sulfur fertilizers. Whatever soil you may have, Keg River has smart solutions for you to get the most from your crop—from corn to canola and everything in between. And we are thrilled

Getting the Upper Hand on Pricing: An FBN Tech Direct Guide

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If there is one area farmers have always tried to get the upper hand on, it’s pricing. Whether crops, inputs or diesel, everything has a cost. But surely there is a better deal somewhere. The question is where? Farmers Business Network® (FBN®), literally shows you the map so you can focus on farming instead of spending the day guessing. This agtech startup has rocketed across both Canada and the U.S. thanks to its innovative and transparent approach to pricing, specifically with off-brand inputs. More than 20,000 farmers in North America are FBN members representing more than 64 million acres of farmland.

Science-based solutions that work: A CanGrow TechDirect Guide

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CanGrow is much more than a fluid fertilizer company. They have a long and successful history innovating, adapting and manufacturing fluid solutions to maximize plant potential and soil performance. And we are thrilled they are now part of the AGvisorPRO platform offering their expertise to farmers. Leader in technology and foliar combinations As a manufacturer with over 30 years of experience, they have the technology and knowledge to innovate and adapt proven fluid solutions to meet changing needs in any market. They can help address factors beyond the grower’s control, such as changing environmental conditions, through foliar combinations for application

Know Your Soil’s True Health: An A&L Canada Laboratories Tech Direct Guide

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For a farmer to know the true health of their soil, understanding its bioactivity and overall capacity to help a given crop succeed should be their top priority.  At A&L Canada Laboratories, a one-stop shop for all your agricultural analytical testing needs, understanding your results and turning numbers into actionable solutions to help improve your crop is our main objective. AGvisorPRO is excited to have them on board as one of our newest Tech Direct Partners. A history of getting our hands dirty With a 30-plus year history in Canadian agriculture, A&L Labs has become known as a leader in

Could Have “Bin” Alright: A Grain Bin Direct Tech Direct Guide

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It’s All In The Name Ag companies can be a bit funny when it comes to naming themselves. There’s plenty of excellent companies out there offering farmers all kinds of high quality services and products, but it’s sometimes hard to figure out exactly what a company does based on their name. This is not the case with Grain Bin Direct. What’s in the name? Literally everything you need to know. Grain Bin Direct provides farmers with grain bins and bin accessories… directly! AGvisorPRO is happy to have Grain Bin Direct as one of our newest Tech Direct Partners. Our

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Genes That Fit: A SeCan Tech Direct Guide

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Blue Jeans Mean Best Genes A local source of seed is not a given in modern agriculture. Is there a way to get farmers the genetics they need that has a more local focus? With SeCan, the answer is yes, and AGvisorPRO is excited to have them on board as one of our newest Tech Direct Partners. Sowing A New Approach SeCan was started in 1976 with the goal of distributing genetics equitably. Their model is unique in its not-for-profit design, and farmers know SeCan as a brand that supports breeders and seed growers at a more local level. AGvisorPRO

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So Much More Than Accounting: An MNP Tech Direct Guide

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Growth Means Change If your farm business is growing (pun intended) then change is a part of your life.  How you adapt to the pressures inside and outside of your business will define your future success to a large degree.  Who do you align with?  Are the professionals that brought you here today good enough to take your business into tomorrow?  It’s important to keep this in mind, and to occasionally check-in on who is doing what in the industry, because it changes all the time. MNP is a fixture in Canadian agriculture. Chances are, if you’re in the ag

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