CanGrow is much more than a fluid fertilizer company. They have a long and successful history innovating, adapting and manufacturing fluid solutions to maximize plant potential and soil performance. And we are thrilled they are now part of the AGvisorPRO platform offering their expertise to farmers.

Leader in technology and foliar combinations

As a manufacturer with over 30 years of experience, they have the technology and knowledge to innovate and adapt proven fluid solutions to meet changing needs in any market. They can help address factors beyond the grower’s control, such as changing environmental conditions, through foliar combinations for application throughout the season. 

Adding value to your agricultural operation

CanGrow’s proven solutions add value to your operation through higher yields and crops of superior quality. The professional CanGrow team combines in-depth understanding of crop physiology, excellent problem-solving skills and on-farm experience to deliver science-based solutions that work. 

Tailored crop solutions

All our crop solutions are complete nutrient fertilizers with micronutrients, biological products and bio stimulants. The result is a formulation tailored by crop to increase yield quantity and quality, while optimizing the genetic potential of the seed.

The CanGrow team, led by founder Ray McDonald, combines in-depth understanding of crop physiology, excellent problem-solving skills and on-farm experience to deliver science based solutions that work.


The Tech Direct Solution

CanGrow is an AGvisorPRO Tech Direct partner. This means that any farmer with the AGvisorPRO app can connect to CanGrow in a face-to-face session for free. While there’s no shortage of ways for farmers to digitally connect with the information they need, AGvisorPRO is unique. We connect farmers, industry, and independent expertise into one user-friendly app. This means farmers can find the advice they need easily, connect to the right people quickly, and get from question to answer faster. 

To connect with CanGrow or any of our Tech Direct partners, consider downloading the AGvisorPRO app. If you want to see what AGvisorPRO can do for you, one of our knowledgeable team members would be happy to give you a walk-through. You can also download our app at or wherever you get your apps. With CanGrow and AGvisorPRO in your corner, your needs will be taken care of. 

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