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Agriculture Experts in the Digital Age

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Our brains start from scratch when we are born. While our parents' generation had the opportunity to be generalists, our generation must be more specialized within our knowledge as the information in each domain is growing exponentially. However, modern farming operations touch so many different areas. Even if they decide to focus on one area such as growing canola, they still require the expertise from an agronomist, a business manager, a market specialist, an equipment specialist and a human resource manager to help them stay competitive. No farmer can be a specialist in all of these areas. Farmers need

The competitive advantage of an extended knowledge pool

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Human knowledge doubles every 13 months. However, a farmer only has an average of 35 springs, summers, falls and winters in their entire career. Every single decision is therefore of great importance, as it can heavily impact overall profitability.  Meanwhile, there is an abundance of new information that farmers need to keep up with e.g. biologicals, UC nozzles, outcome based pricing, drones, new varieties, political movements, good stewardship, future prices, active vision, autoflow, conferences, magazines, social media -- the list goes on and on.    Farmers almost have to be superhuman to keep up with all the new trends. Now

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