AGvisorPRO Press Release

Calgary, Alberta
July 13th, 2020: For Immediate release

Experienced agriculture talent joins AGvisorPRO to advance remote connectivity technology for farmers, ag experts, and agri-business companies.

Kris Babbings, as the new Sales Team Leader will be responsible for advancing AGvisorPRO customer business; particularly working with Tech Direct Solution industry partners and building the sales team. Kris has significant industry experience most recently as Canadian Sales Manager with Farmers Edge as well as past experience in the financial services industry. 

Craig Solberg, with over 40 years experience in agriculture retail (AGSI), distribution (Winfield) and technology (Dot Technology Corp) will serve as Director of Sales focusing the AGvisorPRO team market needs.

Shane Thomas, an agriculture thought leader and author of the “Upstream Ag Insights” blog, will serve as Industry Advisor providing strategic direction with respect to market trends while helping to advance AGvisorPRO’s product market fit.

Chantelle Toews, whose background experience includes SDMC Ag Inc, Impact Group, Andrukow Group Solutions Inc and Iris Meck Communications has accepted the position of Brand and Marketing Manager.  Chantelle will be responsible for building the marketing team as well as directing the AGvisorPRO brand efforts.

Award winning filmmaker, Nick Saik of Know Ideas Media joins the team as Content Creator. Wilson Schultz, formerly of Parkland Co-op/Fertilizers and graduate of Olds College heads Customer Experience.  Mackenzie Fingerhut, farmer and Olds College Student, is involved in customer engagement as AGvisorPRO Ambassador. 

“COVID-19 has provided an interesting backdrop to highlight the benefits a remote connectivity platform like AGvisorPRO can bring to the agriculture sector.” says Founder and CEO Robert Saik, “Our application shrinks time and space, to stretch brains, not bodies, and to put people on the farm without being on the farm. In addition to our ability to connect “seekers” with independent advisors, we are particularly excited about how The Tech Direct Solution can instantaneously connect farmers and retailers with agriculture manufacturers and suppliers for free using AGvisorPRO in a way that is better, faster and more effective than a 1-800 number. We are very excited to be able to add these team members increasing our ability to service the agriculture sector.”

AGvisorPRO will be celebrating its one year anniversary by hosting the Digital Lounge at the Ag In Motion Discovery Plus Event July 21-25th where farmers will be able to participate in on-line conversations in the lounge. AGvisorPRO will also be hosting roundtable sessions Tuesday, July 22nd at 8:30 AM for Tech Direct Industry Partners and at 6:00 PM on July 24th for agriculture experts and farmers as well as running daily product demonstrations during AIM 2020.

CEO, / 403-319-0772
COO, / 204-891-1649

AGvisorPRO Inc is an agriculture technology company providing remote instantaneous connectivity between farmers, experts, researchers, government and industry players to provide Answers Now.  Expert Access connects “seekers” (farmers) to domain experts.  The Tech Direct Solution connects farmers and ag retail to company technical representatives for free.  Instant Access is the integration of AGvisorPRO inside other data systems.  AGvisorPRO is FREE to download on iOS, Android or Desktop. Ag Experts, Industry Partners or Investor inquiries are welcome.