AGI covers your A to Z agriculture needs

AGvisorPRO is happy to announce that AGI has officially come on board as a Tech Direct Partner.  AGI will be using AGvisorPRO’s platform to facilitate a better connection with their customer base.

Most in agriculture will know of AGI, but what may come as a surprise to even the most knowledgeable folks in this sector is how vast AGI’s product offering is. The fact is that the act of farming itself is a simple proposition at its center. Grow the crop, sell the crop, manage the money. However, when you start to consider the logistical challenges of handling and storing seed and chemical, or the engineering and structural requirements of agri-businesses, or the peripheral technology required to track and trace materials in this data-driven industry, you start to realize why A to Z solution providers like AGI are so important to the food supply chain. 

No matter what link of the chain you’re involved in, chances are you’re working with some of AGI’s brands and you might not even know it.  From seed to harvest and beyond, AGI can be found in all facets of food production. 

AGI Ag Growth: Grain Handling Solutions

Growing a bumper crop is every farmer’s goal. That goal comes with some serious logistical considerations about how to get all that crop where it needs to go. With this in mind, AGI’s Ag Growth Division has you covered with the impressive array of grain handling equipment they offer to suit any scale of farm or agri-business. 

Recognize these grain handling brands? 

AGI Augers, AGI Batco, AGI HiRoller, AGI Hutchinson, AGI Mayrath, AGI PTM, AGI REM, AGI Tramco, AGI Westfield, AGI Wheatheart

AGI means A to Z solutions for agriculture. 

AGI is bringing a stellar team of grain handling experts onto AGvisorPRO’s platform. These experts will be available to answer any questions a farmer may have about grain handling. If you want a grain handling answer now, AGI and AGvisorPRO have you covered. Not sure where to start? Give AGI Ag Growth’s Brent Woodcock a shout on AGvisorPRO, and he’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. 

AGI NECO: Grain Drying Solutions

If you’ve farmed in Western Canada over the last number of years, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the art of grain drying. The unfortunate fact of farming here is that mother nature’s schedule for when the snow falls means farmers have a limited window of time to get their crop off and to market. Having a grain drying system at your disposal becomes more essential with each passing year. AGI knows this, and has the solution with their NECO line of grain dryers and accessories.

Where screen dryers have significant issues with plugged screens and over-drying, NECO’s mixed flow grain dryers work more efficiently. No screens in a NECO dryer, so no more wasting time keeping screens clean. On top of that, NECO dryers yield an average of 1-2 pounds additional test weight per bushel by reducing over-drying with their moisture control system.

While you may be familiar with NECO’s mixed flow grain dryers, you may not realize that NECO has been quietly innovating on in-bin grain circulation conditioning and drying as well.
The cold hard truth is that a lot can happen to a crop between harvest and delivery that eats into a farmer’s profit margin. Incremental savings have massive impacts overtime, and AGI’s NECO products allow a farmer to capture these savings, stretching their yield performance even further. 

AGI’s team of representatives on AGvisorPRO’s platform will be able to help you answer all your grain drying questions.  If you’re curious about getting NECO grain drying solutions implemented on your operation, reach out to Ron Kleuskens or any other AGI rep on AGvisorPRO. 

AGI’s SureTrack System

Farming in 2020 means focusing on more than growing a crop. Along with the value of every individual plant in a field, farmers today recognize that the data being generated alongside the crop is just as valuable.  Farming today is a sensor-laden data-driven endeavor, from seeding to growing to storage and conditioning, data is playing an ever-more critical role in crop production.

Any grower that has started leveraging sensor technology on their operation knows that data is only as good as the way it’s managed. For those seeking a complete crop production management system, look no further than AGI’s SureTrack system.

AGI SureTrack captures data from a whole host of different remote sensors (think bin monitor, soil moisture, weather station, input applications, inventory, etc.), and brings it all together into a single platform. AGI SureTrack can handle 140 layers of various data, which means a farmer can see the big picture of their operation at a glance on their phone.

What’s the benefit for growers? Data can’t drive decision making if it’s not well organized and presented. With AGI SureTrack, a farmer can use data to help inform decisions like seed selection, crop planning, and operational timing. Beyond the farm gate, SureTrack’s system for growers also plugs directly into the SureTrack PRO system on the buyer’s end.

SureTrack PRO allows grain buyers to source their purchases based on specific grain characteristics. It also functions as a base for these buyers to create grower programs to increase the security and quality of their supply chain. Grain sellers and buyers who are outfitted with SureTrack and SureTrack PRO can negotiate with each other directly, cutting out the middlemen. 

SureTrack PRO gives agri-business the same sensor layer capacity offered to individual growers with SureTrack, and also adds functionality like scheduling deliveries straight from the farm to the facility. At this point in the supply chain, SureTrack PRO’s inventory management capabilities come into play allowing agri-business to track inventory burndown and ensure no gaps in production.

In the same way that AGI covers the ag industry’s A to Z equipment needs, SureTrack and SureTrack PRO are the A to Z in farm data management.  AGI’s team of representatives on AGvisorPRO are very excited to tell you more about SureTrack.  If you’re curious, Neal Dilawri is ready and waiting to connect with you on AGvisorPRO.

Connect with AGI through AGvisorPRO

AGI’s official launch as a Tech Direct partner comes with a big feeling of satisfaction for the team at AGvisorPRO. Our mission is to create a more interconnected future for agriculture by bringing together all the expertise a farmer might need into one easy-to-use platform.

It’s our goal to become a one-stop solution for a farmer’s information needs, and we at AGvisorPRO know that in order to pull that off, we need players like AGI to have a presence on our platform.  We’re simply thrilled to plug AGI into our ever-growing network of agri-business expertise. If you’re curious about what this means for you as a grower, we encourage you to download the AGvisorPRO app on apple or android devices, and schedule a demo with one of our customer success experts. In a few minutes you can be up and running on our platform, connecting with all the expertise that AGI is offering through AGvisorPRO.

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