The new AGvisorPRO Tech Direct Solution platform was awarded the 2020 Ag in Motion (AIM) Innovations Program award for Agribusiness Services Tuesday, July 21 in a live virtual presentation. The new AGvisorPRO platform was launched at the virtual trade show this week as part of the AIM Innovation Showcase that highlights new or conceptual agricultural innovations.

AGvisorPRO brings together new and familiar features from other disruptive technologies into one platform through the Tech Direct Solution. This new service can instantaneously connect farmers and retailers with agriculture manufacturers and suppliers for free using AGvisorPRO in a way that is better, faster and more effective than a 1-800 number. Farmers and ag service providers can connect in real-time without leaving their home or fields.

“At a time when digital platforms are becoming integral to our farming and business operations, AGvisorPRO is pleased to receive this award for our new Tech Direct Solution connectivity tool,” says Founder and CEO Robert Saik. “The Ag in Motion Discovery Plus virtual platform has proven again that digital technologies are essential to keeping us all connected in an effective and seamless way and we’re proud to be part of this innovative showcase.”

The Agribusiness Services award is one of four AIM Innovations Program awards and recognizes AGvisorPRO for bringing a new technology to assist farmers and agriculture professionals with the management of their farm businesses and clients. The program highlights products that are new to the market or concepts designed to improve aspects of the agriculture industry and provides a platform to recognize the companies that have invested in the agriculture industry by creating these products and services.

“AGvisorPRO is designed to improve information access to farmers through a growing network of knowledgeable agricultural specialists, available at their fingertips. It seamlessly brings numerous technologies like video,

text, audio, GPS, and high-res picturing sharing together into one application, enabling ag industry reps to share knowledge from anywhere, anytime, instead of travelling to the field,” says Saik.

AGvisorPRO is celebrating its one year anniversary by hosting the Digital Lounge at the Ag In Motion Discovery Plus Event July 21-25th where farmers will be able to participate in on-line conversations in the lounge. AGvisorPRO will also be hosting roundtable sessions Tuesday, July 22nd at 8:30 AM for Tech Direct Industry Partners and at 6:00 PM on July 24th for agriculture experts and farmers as well as running daily product demonstrations during AIM 2020.

As AGvisorPro continues to innovate and expand, the company welcomes new digital and tech direct partners. For more information, contact

CEO, / 403-319-0772
COO, / 204-891-1649

AGvisorPRO Inc is an agriculture technology company providing remote instantaneous connectivity between farmers, experts, researchers, government and industry players to provide Answers Now.  Expert Access connects “seekers” (farmers) to domain experts.  The Tech Direct Solution connects farmers and ag retail to company technical representatives for free.  Instant Access is the integration of AGvisorPRO inside other data systems.  AGvisorPRO is FREE to download on iOS, Android or Desktop. Ag Experts, Industry Partners or Investor inquiries are welcome.