Sustainability Done Smart

Sustainability has really become a real buzz-word in agriculture. The fact is, consumers in domestic and global markets are increasingly demanding food grown with sustainability in mind.

AGvisorPRO knows that sustainability isn’t a new idea for farmers. How can a 5th generation farm exist if the previous 4 generations weren’t considering the future? That said, farmers know that sustainability must be done smartly too. On that note, we are pleased to introduce Aberhart Ag Solutions to the AGvisorPRO Tech Direct roster. Their team knows what sustainability means to consumers and farmers alike, and if you’re looking for a unique offering of sustainably sourced crop inputs, Aberhart Ag Solutions has you covered.

Making Inputs Market-Friendly

What if the public actually liked the fertilizer you apply to their food? What if you could go further with your inputs, but not with your wallet? What if the inputs you chose opened up new markets because of their sustainable sourcing?

These are the questions Aberhart Ag Solutions considers with their portfolio of environmentally-friendly crop inputs. At their core, the amazing team at Aberhart Ag Solutions believes that making it easy for a farmer to be sustainable is key to this industry’s success in 2020. The idea is to simplify the path to sustainability while improving agronomics, logistics, and marketing potential.

Bio-Sul Premium Plus

Take elemental sulphur left over as a waste by-product of the oil and gas industry, and mix it with composted food-based organics thrown away by grocery stores, and you have Bio-Sul Premium Plus. The brilliance in this product is simple. By mixing elemental sulphur with compost, Aberhart Ag Solutions gives sulphur application a boost and makes it incredibly safe to apply at high rates for long-term slow release, while still remaining affordable. If you want a way to dole out a nice steady supply of available sulphur while still being considerate of seed-row salt index, you might want to get in touch with Aberhart Ag Solutions about Bio-Sul Premium Plus.

Super K S

Taking Bio-Sul Premium Plus one step further, Super K S offers the same great performance as Bio-Sul Premium Plus, with the addition of potash. Super K S helps you put even more on the ground in a single pass.


Dead Batteries as fertilizer. That’s the idea behind ZMC-Grow, where every ten litre jug contains the Zinc Sulfate and Manganese from 250 dead batteries. That’s the Z and the M of ZMC-Grow.  The C is copper sulfate, sourced from electronic waste. All together, ZMC-Grow is giving growers Zinc, Manganese, and Copper in an incredibly easy-to-handle, easy to tank mix package. ZMC-Grow can mix straight into your fungicide or herbicide application, saving you passes. Need more? ZMC-Grow is carbon-neutral in its creation, and it’s also certified organic in Europe, giving you the nutrients you need now, while still giving you access to the European marketplace.

Sustainable Change

AGvisorPRO caught the eye of Aberhart Ag Solutions because our connectivity platform gives companies a new way to connect with growers. AGvisorPRO’s idea of building a world-class network that growers can carry in their pockets means this industry can sustain itself through a period of change.

In this new digital world, Aberhart Ag Solutions is doing a great job of delivering the same quality products and services. AGvisorPRO is helping players like Aberhart Ag Solutions keep up with the pace of change, and not let their customer service get lost in the shuffle.

The future will be full of new and novel ways to connect, but will those new connections actually enhance the experience of customers? With AGvisorPRO and Aberhart Ag Solutions, the answer is YES.

If you want to speak with representatives from Aberhart Ag Solutions, consider downloading the AGvisorPRO app and booking a face-to-face remote session demo today. Get an answer now, not later.

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