Life Insurance For Every Stage of Life

Insurance. The topic that nobody ever likes talking about. Let’s be real for a second: Nobody likes contemplating their own mortality. Death is never an easy thing to think about, but it’s important to put enough thought into it to at least have a plan for the sake of your loved ones. That being said, what if your plan was able to benefit you right now as well?

AGvisorPRO is really excited to bring 33seven into the fold as a Tech Direct Partner specializing in life insurance. 33seven brings a portfolio of really unique life insurance solutions that are very well suited to those in the ag sector.  Whether you’ve built an ag empire, or you’re just starting out, 33seven can help you get the cash you need now, and the coverage you need later.

Affluence Actualized

At the top end, 33seven is a boutique insurance solution designed for the individual thinking about family wealth preservation and planning. If you’re thinking about legacy and the security of the wealth you’ve built for future generations, 33seven can lead you through their Financial Sequencing Solution™, a proprietary tool that maximizes your family’s future prosperity while simultaneously protecting their current lifestyle. Where insurance intersects with equity, real estate, educational trusts, or corporate planning and asset structuring, you’ll find 33seven, and extremely satisfied clientele.

“He laid it out perfectly, and it was an easy decision. In 22 years of business I’ve probably met only two or three people that have made a big impact on my business, and Derryn at 33seven is one of them.” 

-Scott Smith, satisfied customer

The Farm Liquidity Solution

33seven has taken their experience for strategic thinking around insurance and wealth and brought it to bear with a solution tailored specifically for the ag sector, the farm liquidity solution.

For so many farmers, their business breaks down all follows: They generate an annual surplus, they hold significant farm assets such as land, inputs, and equipment, they have taxable investments, and they have non-farm assets as well. What follows is that a farmer in this position wants to protect the value of their operation, while also growing their business. This requires liquidity and flexibility to capitalize on opportunities as they appear. Beyond that, most farmers want to occasionally get off the farm and fund a comfortable lifestyle. There’s also no other sector where succession planning and family wealth management is more important.
33seven sees a tax exempt permanent life insurance policy as the solution. This provides you and your family with more liquidity. Your businesses and financial interests are protected, but you also get access to cash during your lifetime. From an estate perspective, you’re maximizing what you have, tax free, and giving your family access to tax free financial benefits.

If you’re interested to learn how this would work for your business, representatives from 33seven are standing by on AGvisorPRO waiting to connect with you. 

Drop Dead Life Insurance

So, what about the rest of us? You know, us folks that don’t have much wealth to manage, (yet), and maybe who’ve ignored life insurance until now? These days, there’s a lot of benefit for the average person in simply gaining a little more piece of mind in an uncertain world. It’s nice to know in the back of our heads that our death won’t screw anyone over, right?

“I found Drop Dead Life Insurance on Facebook, and laughed so hard that I thought ‘man, these guys deserve my business.’ I clicked the link, filled out the information in about 10 minutes, and now my family doesn’t have to worry about my student debt like I do. Be responsible. It’s 2020. Trust Drop Dead.” – Maggie H, satisfied customer

If this describes you, then you may want to take a look at Drop Dead Life Insurance. It’s drop-dead simple. It’s a term life insurance policy that pays out to your family if you happen to drop dead during the period of your 20 year term.  You can buy as much or as little coverage as you’d like, but the general wisdom is to get your butt covered for 7 to 10 times your annual salary. The best part is the entire process only takes a few minutes to complete, and you’re covered.

Basically, a 35 year old dude can get $450k in coverage for about 33 dollars a month, a lady of the same age can get the same amount of coverage for about 26 dollars a month. Not bad at all! Way less than you probably spend on your life-shortening vices, right? And yes, it would suck for your family if you ever bit the dust, but they could always use the money to dry their tears… and also pay off the debt you left them saddled with. It’s the least you can do! 

AGvisorPRO has the advice you need

As you can see, it doesn’t matter where you’re at in life, 33seven has a life insurance solution that’s perfect for you. Their talented and knowledgeable people are ready and waiting to talk to farmers. That’s why they’ve teamed up with us at AGvisorPRO. Our platform gives farmers access to a treasure trove of businesses and independent experts. AGvisorPRO puts the expertise of an entire industry in a farmer’s pocket. We’re thrilled to now include 33seven in our ever-growing roster. We encourage you to reach out today through our app and book a session.

All joking aside, don’t ignore the importance of life insurance. Your family will thank you. 

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