A Sterling Opportunity to Better Benefits: A Sterling Capital Tech Direct Guide

If ever there was a name that suited a business, it’s Sterling Capital. Sterling means “excellent” or “valuable,” and the farm benefit plans from this company are all of that and more. As Canada’s largest independent brokerage firm, Sterling has devised a creative means to save customers money on their benefit plans. This unique, groundbreaking approach aggregates companies into a … Read More

John Deere Financial Joins the AGvisorPRO Platform to Provide Best-in-Class Services to Farmers

By adding John Deere Financial’s industry-leading experts to its platform, AGvisorPRO is redefining how farmers can access information in real-time. CALGARY, ALBERTA – July 6, 2021 – AGvisorPRO, an award-winning agricultural connectivity platform, is pleased to announce a new collaboration with John Deere Financial, one of North America’s most comprehensive agricultural financial businesses. By combining the expertise of John Deere … Read More

Crop Spraying Best Practices – Webinar Series

In the latest edition of AGvisorPRO’s #Plant21 webinar series, we met with crop spraying experts to hear their tips and best practices for managing application of herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Knowing how time-sensitive spraying can be during the season, we hear from Ketan Kaushish, Tom Wolf, Cody Meroniuk, and Jason Hanson to explore spraying best practices and cover topics including: … Read More

Press Release: Integration of AGvisorPRO and xarvio™ SCOUTING Apps Now Launching

xarvio™ SCOUTING users can now access AGvisorPRO’s extensive agricultural advisor network Providing instant connectivity to help farmers and growers identify and address in-field problems  Ag in Motion (AIM) ‘Ag Innovation of the Year’ winners connect to launch integration Calgary, Alberta, Canada – June 22, 2021 – AGvisorPRO Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of their integration with xarvio™ SCOUTING … Read More

A Launch Pad to Success: A Verge Ag Tech Direct Guide

While a regular launch pad shoots rockets into orbit, Launch Pad by Verge Ag sends farmer profits in the same direction. Like the first moon landing, Launch Pad is breaking new ground as the world’s first interactive software tool to aid farmers in planning seeding, spraying and harvest. Unlike other technology solutions for agriculture, Launch Pad aids in the cohesive … Read More

Finding the Potential in Each Plant: An ATP Nutrition Tech Direct Guide

From the outside looking in, farming may appear to be a simple proposition. However, if you look more closely, things start to get very complicated very quickly. When it comes to the macro/micronutrient environment of plants, farmers are leaving a lot on the table. Today, only 20% of Canadian acres are soil tested, usually only for macronutrient levels. Only 5% … Read More

Gold Star Results: A BioLiNE Tech Direct Guide

For farmers, a crop that fails to fully absorb nutrients is like a bright child who never cracks a textbook: Long on potential, short on results. Fortunately, when it comes to making the most of those nutrients, BioLiNE®, a leading formulator of plant and soil health products, gets a gold star. As a prime example, BioLiNE® GOLD contains fulvic acids, … Read More

Intelligent Precision: An IntelliCulture Tech Direct Guide

An intelligent approach to precision agriculture These days, a farmer’s data grows just about as quickly as their crops. Harnessing that data and using it to refine the farming process is what’s given rise to precision agriculture. That said, the ag industry at large is still transitioning into this new era, and access to the technology required for precision farming … Read More

Ground-Truthing Modern Ag: A New Era Tech Direct Guide

Where Matters More Than What Geography plays a critical role in agriculture. A farm’s location informs nearly every aspect of how it operates. Expertise and advice tempered with an understanding of local conditions is essential. That’s why an area’s local retailer tends to be a hub for the industry in that area. A trusted local source for the latest inputs … Read More

Digging Deep for Real Time Answers: A Chrysalabs Tech Direct Guide

Many ag startups promise the world to eager farmers, but few deliver. That all changes once you get to know Montreal-based ChrysaLabs. The company is now in its fourth year of business and has made a major breakthrough that is sure to sweep the soil testing world by storm. As the company says: “We bring the lab to the field”. … Read More