Ulf Geerds

Ulf is an early investor in AGvisorPRO, Answers Now, and is on the Board of Advisors. He is the liaison between the company and the other shareholders.

Ulf has a strong background in agriculture, finance, and real estate. He owned and operated a successful mid-size grain farm in central Alberta. Under his leadership, production costs were reduced by 20%, mainly through the implementation of cutting-edge production processes. Ulf has been an active investor in startups and small to mid-size companies for many years. He also worked as a commercial lender for the Bank of Montreal. Further, Ulf has been active in real estate through buying, selling, and renovating residential and commercial properties.

Today, Ulf combines his two passions, agriculture and finance, in his work as an agricultural consultant. He works with Saik Management Group Inc as an affiliate, while maintaining his independent practice. Previously, he was an associate with Agri-trend, where he regularly advised farm clients on business strategy and finance. As a true believer in actionable plans, he also supported these clients to implement strategic plans and improve the bottom line using various financial tools. He resides with his family in Calgary and enjoys reading and the outdoors in his spare time.