Shelley Myers

Shelley Myers is the executive assistant to Robert Saik, CEO-Founder of AGvisorPRO Inc.

In this position, Shelley provides support in a wide range of roles within Saik Management Group (SMGI) and AGvisorPro. In both companies, she serves as the primary contact for accounts payable and receivables. Within SMGI, Shelley leads event coordination, marketing initiatives and data management in addition to providing technical and logistical support for multiple projects, meetings, workshops and travel.

Shelley was first hired in February of 2008 by Rob within his company, Agri-Trend Inc, in the accounting department of Accounts Receivables. In 2010, she then moved into the role of Event Coordinator where she took on the main Agri-Trend annual event (The Farm Forum) as Event Manager. Her expertise in data management, project coordination and key focus to tighten company standard operating procedures within this annual event, proved to be a great addition to the Farm Forum’s continued success for an additional 4 years under her leadership. With the acquisition of Agri-Trend by Trimble, her employment with Agri-Trend ceased and moved over to Saik Management Group under Rob’s direction to the present.

A resident of Alberta, she is one of a few that would rather see it snow than rain. She is married with 2 adult children, with whom she shares a love of travel, Disney and Orlando, FL (in the coolest months).