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“I’ve always had the opinion that you get what you pay for, and as we know, the social platforms of twitter, facebook, whatever… you do get what you pay for… There’s some good advice and information on those platforms, but it’s free, and sometimes you don’t know who’s behind the keyboard.”

Matt Gosling, Expert & Farmer

You have ag questions? AGvisorPRO provides answers.

The ag industry needs flexible solutions to access expert advice like never before. AGvisorPRO the Connectivity Channel for Agriculture. With the AGvisorPRO app, we provide farmers, ranchers, and agri-businesses with a seamless way to connect with ag industry experts. Join AGvisorPRO’s fast growing network of ag experts provide support for agronomy, crop protection, markets, mental health, animal health, feed, farm real-estate, insurance, succession planning, and mechanical support for ag equipment. Download the AGvisorPRO app for free on both Apple and Android devices.

  • Connect instantly with a network of ag industry experts
  • Fully remote and real-time support
  • Free support from our Tech Direct Partners
  • Archive sessions for future reference

AGvisorPRO Solutions

For Farmers

Using the app, farmers can instantly grow their network by connecting with agriculture industry experts. Get an extra set of hands for the farm remotely and in real-time.

For Ag Experts

Expand the reach of the farmers, ranchers, and agri-businesses that your expertise provides. AGvisorPRO allows experts to extend their knowledge and wisdom without having to physically be on the farm.

Tech Direct Support

Tech Direct partners provide farmers and ranchers with free support for questions related to agronomy, markets, animal health, real-estate, insurance, and mechanical support for ag equipment.

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Tech Direct Partners

AGvisorPRO’s Tech Direct partners are some of the most innovative companies in Canadian agriculture and provide free support to all users of the app. Ditch 1-800 numbers by downloading the app and connecting with Tech Direct companies for free expert support.

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Sterling Capital AGvisorPRO Tech Direct Partner
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If you have the experience, knowledge, and qualifications, you could become an Expert to provide farmers and ranchers with remote expert support. Schedule a free demo with our team to see how the app works and see how you can support the agriculture industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure how to get started using the AGvisorPRO app? Need help connecting with an expert or a Tech Direct partner? Visit our FAQ for answers to the most common questions about using the AGvisorPRO app for both Apple and Android devices.

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